Maryland's 'potty parity' bill enacted

April 05, 1992

ANNAPOLIS -- In 13 months, Maryland will join the 10 other states with "potty parity" -- requiring equal numbers of women's and men's toilet facilities in public meeting places.

The Senate yesterday voted unanimously to agree to the House of Delegates bill on restrooms, sponsored by Del. Sheila E. Hixson, a Montgomery County Democrat.

Under the bill, a public meeting place that holds more than 100 people will be required to have an equal number of fixtures for men and women. The law will be tied to construction permits issued after May 1, 1993. But existing buildings will not have to conform to the law, even if they undergo extensive renovations.

Potty parity is an issue that has languished in the General Assembly until this year. The bill usually died in committee, dismissed with bathroom jokes.

The bill goes to Gov. William Donald Schaefer to be signed into law.

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