New, increased fees designed to make Baltimore Co. services self-supporting

April 05, 1992|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Staff Writer

Baltimore County residents will have to pay either a $3 daily or a $15 yearly fee to launch their boats from county park boat ramps this year -- just two of eight new fees County Executive Roger B. Hayden is asking the council to pass.

The new fees, together with recent increases in a long list of existing fees, are intended to make local services self-supporting. All told, they would bring in an estimated $1.4 million in new revenue every year, according to county administrative officer Merreen Kelly.

The increases in existing fees range from raising the cost of licenses for plumbers and electricians to raising the cost of swimming at county beaches and the Dundalk Center indoor pool.

The greatest single source of revenues from higher fees -- about $304,107 per year -- will come from an increase in the cost of permits for plumbing and electrical work.

The boat-launching fee is expected to bring in about $19,000 a year, which will pay for repairs to the ramps and for county parks maintainance, said Robert Knoerlein, a county recreation official. Boat owners who don't want to buy an annual pass will have to go to Rocky Point Park, the only one of five county parks that can collect the daily fee.

Among other proposed new fees is a $500 charge for the county to review a developer's concept plans for a new project, which would add an estimated $100,000 a year to the county's capital budget. Private companies seeking county-run fire brigade training for employees would have to pay $10 per student for the instruction, and community groups offering CPR training provided by the fire department would have to pay the county $25 per student.

If the County Council approves the new fees at its Monday night meeting, they will begin May 1. The increase in existing fees went into effect April 1.

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