Drug suspension of Expos' Reyes is overturned by arbitrator National League notes

April 04, 1992

The 60-day drug suspension of Montreal Expos catcher Gilberto Reyes was overturned yesterday by arbitrator George Nicolau.

Nicolau ruled that Reyes should be treated as a first-time offender and undergo drug rehabilitation instead of a suspension. Commissioner Fay Vincent treated Reyes as a second-time offender when he suspended him Feb. 7 after a positive drug test in the Dominican Winter League.

Reyes was taken off the disqualified list yesterday and placed on the 15-day disabled list by the Expos.

It was the first time a drug suspension was overturned since June 16, 1987, when Nicolau shortened pitcher LaMarr Hoyt's suspension from one year to 60 days.

Reyes, 28, is 0-for-5 this spring. Under the original suspension, he was allowed to participate in spring training.

* BRAVES: Outfielder Deion Sanders has a hairline fracture in the fifth metatarsal, the bone that sits below the left little toe.

Orthopedic surgeon Joe Chandler said Sanders should be able to play with the injury if he can stand the pain.

* METS: The players will break their collective ban on clubhouse interviews today, according to player representative David Cone.

The Mets have declined interview requests since March 27.

The players had stopped talking after a month in which Dwight Gooden, Vince Coleman and Daryl Boston were accused of rape, and Cone was accused of sexually harassing three women.

Cone said the Mets chose to be silent because of what they perceived to be slanderous and stereotypical attacks.

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