Couple found Orioles game to be a most engaging event

April 04, 1992|By Rafael Alvarez | Rafael Alvarez,Staff Writer

He thought that if he asked too early he wouldn't get to see the rest of the game.

Local sweethearts Matt J. Dunigan and Cheryl P. Douglass were spectators at yesterday's exhibition between the Orioles and Mets at the new Camden Yards ballpark, the first game played in the new stadium.

By the end of the home team's 5-3 victory, they were also the first people engaged at Oriole Park.

"Right after the game he got down on one knee and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me," said Ms. Douglass, 26, a graduate student. "He took my hand and tore off my mitten, but I had to tell him he had the wrong hand. Then he got it right."

Said Mr. Dunigan, 28, a Crofton real estate agent: "Our first date was at Memorial Stadium three years ago so this made sense. I knew I was going to ask her somewhere during the game, but I figured if I asked her in the second inning, she'd want to leave. So then I thought I'd wait until the 7th inning stretch; one thing led to another and then the game was over and I thought: 'It's now or never.' "

With the ruse of going over "to look at the view," Mr. Dunigan walked his sweetheart to the break in the upper deck where the downtown skyline rises above the field.

Once there, he played out the script. "All she kept saying was, 'It's beautiful, beautiful,' she kept telling me how beautiful it was, and I had to ask: 'So what's the answer, what's the answer?' " Mr. Dunigan said. The answer was yes.

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