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April 02, 1992|By Mike Bowler

CONSIDERABLE ink has been spilled over the salaries of Steven J. Ross, chairman of Time Warner, who took home $78.3 million last year, and William Aramony, who resigned as president of United Way of America last month after his $463,000 salary and opulent living style were revealed.

Here, in no particular order, are the salaries of a few other toilers in America:

Pay of David Glass, chief executive of Wal-Mart Stores: $11 million.

Average of eight assistant coaches hired by new University of Maryland head football coach Mark Duffner: $62,250.

Average pay of Baltimore Gas & Electric employees: $41,000.

Salary of George V. McGowan, BG&E chairman: $510,682.

Pay of William Richardson, president of Johns Hopkins University: $275,671, including $74,782 for housing.

Salary of Ben H. Love, chief scout executive, Boy Scouts of America: $223,375.

Salary of Gilbert M. Grosvenor, president of the National Geographic Society: $343,701.

Salary of William H. Kobin, president of public television station KCET, Los Angeles: $220,470.

Pay of James J. Bausch, president, Save the Children Federation: $204,593.

Pay of full professor, Coppin State College: $54,700.

Pay of full professor, Carroll College, Helena, Mont.: $36,800.

Salary of Martin Kraar, executive vice president, Council of Jewish Federations: $207,645.

Average salary of Maryland public school teachers (1990): $36,092.

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