Suspects, ages 11-14, and two girls all attend Garrison Middle School.


April 02, 1992|By Joe Nawrozki and John Rivera | Joe Nawrozki and John Rivera,Staff Writers Richard Irwin contributed to this report.

Four boys -- ages 11, 12, 13 and 14 -- have been charged with the rape and attempted rape of two girls, 13 and 14, yesterday afternoon in a basement storage room of Garrison Middle School in northwest Baltimore.

The girls and those charged all are students at the school in the 3900 block of Barrington Road in Forest Park, spokeswoman Muriel Ashley said today.

"They were all cutting class together," Ms. Ashley said. "We have that documented at the school."

She said cut slips were issued by a teacher to the main office "immediately" after it was apparent that the students were not in class.

Ms. Ashley said the girls were back in classes today at Garrison and their parents were meeting with members of the school's administrative staff.

"If there will be disciplinary action taken, it hasn't yet been decided," Ms. Ashley said.

The 14-year-old boy, Matthew Thomas of the 4700 block of Navarro Ave., was charged as an adult with rape and attempted rape.

Young Thomas was held overnight at the Northwestern District lockup for a bail hearing today in Wabash District Court.

The younger boys were taken to the Waxter Youth Center in Laurel pending action by juvenile authorities.

The police report filed on the incident said the two victims told police they were walking in a basement hallway about 12:30 p.m. when they were forced into the storage room by the four youths. The door to the room was ajar, the report said.

Three of the boys were inside the room and the fourth remained outside as a lookout, police said.

Once inside, two of the boys forced one victim to the floor. While one held her down, another boy raped her, police said.

The report said the rapist was wearing a condom when he pulled down his trousers to attack the girl.

The other girl also was held down, the report said, but her attacker, a third boy, only succeeded in unzipping the fly on her pants. She kicked him off her and both girls fled.

The girls went to a second-floor bathroom, the report said, and then reported the attack to a teacher who took them to the main office.

City police were summoned, but a school police officer already had apprehended the 14-year-old. The three other suspects were taken to the office and identified by the alleged victims.

One of the girls was treated at Mercy Medical Center, police said.

Ms. Ashley said the school's administrative staff "is meeting today to see how this can be prevented in the future. With some diligence, we can make it work."

A security division spokesman said no special attention was being given to Garrison Middle today by school police.

"We are viewing today as a normal school day," said assistant school police chief John Wallace.

"We have a security person there as we do on other days. There's nothing there we haven't had at any other school."

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