"Beethoven" is the big dog movie, in which Charles Grodin...

New this weekend

April 02, 1992|By Stephen Hunter

"Beethoven" is the big dog movie, in which Charles Grodin, Mr. Fussy, does battle with the title creature, a 200-pound St. Bernard. Cute, anyone? Rated PG.

"Thunderheart" puts Val Kilmer on an Indian reservation as an FBI agent in search of a killer, set against the militancy of an A.I.M.-like group called A.R.M. Graham Greene of "Dances With Wolves" also stars. Rated R.

"Where Angels Fear To Tread" is a consummately produced version of the E.M. Forester novel about an imperious British family which tries to enforce its code of behavior on some unruly Italian relatives, and the chaos and tragedy that follows. Rupert Evert, Helen Mirren and Judy Davis are the stars. Rated PG-13.

"Straight Talk" stars Dolly Parton as a Cinderella-like country gal who gets a brief spell as the princess of Chicago talk radio before midnight strikes. But . . . James Woods as Prince Charming? Rated PG-13.

"Rock-a-doodle" is the new animated feature from Don Bluth that retells the Chanticleer story with an Elvis the rooster in the central role. Rated G.

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