'Indiana Jones' series inspires trends in dressing


April 02, 1992|By Mary Gottschalk | Mary Gottschalk,Knight-Ridder News Service

Harrison Ford's ability to make the fedora look extremely sexy in the Indiana Jones films helped boost hat sales a few years back. Now, style-watchers and retailers are hoping that the new ABC television series "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" will also establish some new clothing trends.

Sean Patrick Flanery, who plays Indy as a teen-ager, seems most likely to inspire skipped heartbeats and sartorial styles. Likely bets include:

* That fedora. Sure, Mr. Ford donated the one he used in the films to the Smithsonian, but Mr. Flanery has a new one that is almost as sexy as the original.

* Braces. Even if you prefer to call them suspenders, they're making a fashion statement that seems likely to grow in popularity.

* Bow ties. Indy wears a mix of bow and regular neckties, but show producers are promising what they call "colorful Y.I. Jones bow ties" throughout the season.

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