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April 01, 1992

From: Janie Ballard

Country Club

On March 16, the Anne Arundel County Council denounced the "Done deal" cry heard throughout this county, showing citizens they truly are concerned about all issues -- countywide.

First, we applaud thecouncil for allowing the citizens of Northern Anne Arundel County tohold a public hearing for the Ordinance Road Prison Resolution on their own turf.

Second, taking it one step further, this council walked the site to gather data to better understand our problems and educate themselves to the total issues involved.

Third, this council cautiously reviewed the full economic impact of this site. It was certainly prudent to wait for the results of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's report before committing huge sums of money to a questionable property -- not to mention whether or not these monies are available in these harsh economic times for a project of this magnitude.

Congratulations to Councilman Ed Middlebrooks for denouncing the site selection process. Early on, he recognized potential problems with the site and continued to forge ahead with the people. We are grateful to Council Chairman (David)Boschert and Councilwoman (Virginia) Clagett for their persistence in obtaining hard facts relating to this site and all the issues surrounding it. Thank you to Councilmen (Carl) Holland and (George) Bachman for voting with their constituents' wishes.

To every person who believes in the democratic process and has taken the time to be a participant rather than a spectator, you made the difference.

All the calls, letters, appearances at hearings, delivering fliers made a tremendous impact on the outcome of the vote at the County Council. We feel all your input was heard and helped the council better understand the many problems with the Ordinance Depot site.

Unfortunately, our county executive did not take the time to hear the concern of the many people who have lived here most of their lives before making his prison site selection. He foolishly continues to battle for this site, with its environmental impact very uncertain.

A true meaning of a great leader is not only what he accomplishes, but how he accomplishes his duties. This is especially true dealing with human lives; aren't we all trying for a gentler, kinder nation?

It is no secret this area has been inundated with pollutionproblems for 30-plus years. It is our hope that County Executive Neall's insensitivity to this issue is due to his lack of time spent as county executive and not one of lack of total consideration for his citizens' problems.

To Sen. Phil Jimeno, Dels. W. Ray Huff, Joan Cadden, and "Stokes" Kolodziejski, who recognized from this project's inception the problems with the Ordinance Depot site and heard the concerns of their constituents and are still battling in the Senate and House to stop the location of this prison on Ordinance Road, we thankyou for showing us the Democratic process is alive.

Editor's note: The above letter is signed by Lola Hand, president of the Suburbia Civic Association; Marge Huggins, secretary of the Suburbia Civic Association; and Margaret Brown, president of the Marley Area Improvement Association.


From: Sebastian S. Valenti

Point Pleasant Shoreland

Improvement Association

Many thanks to the five members of our County Council -- David Boschert, Edward Middlebrooks, Virginia Clagett, George Bachman and Carl Holland -- who saw reason to vote against the proposed jail in North County.

The people are grateful for your understanding of our problems. We also wish to thank Sens. (Philip) Jimeno, Dels. (W. Ray) Huff, (Joan) Cadden and ("Stokes") Kolodziejski for their tireless efforts to ensure the will of their constituents. Our community owes a debt of gratitude, as does all of North County.

We would also like to thank all the people in the community who came out again when you were needed.


From: Bob Duckworth

County Chairman

Wayne Gilchrest campaign

What do you think the single biggest expense is for the average Maryland household? Housing? Food? Clothing? Transportation? Or health care?

None of the above. It's taxes. Now, some 40percent of what the average Marylander earns goes to taxes -- about 30 percent to feed the voracious, entitlement-laden federal budget and an additional 10 percent taken by the state and localities.

Imagine -- more of our hard-earned money goes to taxes than essential expenses!

So why does the Maryland General Assembly want to take evenmore of our wages? Its latest tax increase package is a back-breakerfor both businesses and struggling families. It doesn't take a rocket scientist in this season of anti-tax sentiment to know that this dose of fiscal medicine is poison to our economy and we the people.

Yet some delegates like Ray Huff from Anne Arundel County are flabbergasted at the public outcry against his anti-job, anti-family vote toincrease taxes rather than cut waste and wasteful spending in the Schaefer administration.

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