Board Urges Projects Totaling $105 Million

April 01, 1992|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Staff writer

The county Planning Advisory Board yesterday released a report recommending $105 million worth of capital building projects, including a new detention center, new fire station, renovations to four schools, construction of another and an expansion of the community college campus.

The report said the advisory board put a priority on projectsthat involve "issues of health, safety and environmental degradation," as well as those required by government mandates.

The group's budget recommendations, which came after four months of reviewing $118 million in requests submitted by county department heads, were forwarded yesterday to County Executive Robert R. Neall, who must draw up a capital budget to submit to the County Council by May 1.

The report recommends approval of a $9.5 million capital budget request for Anne Arundel Community College. That includes construction of a $6.2 million allied health building, four stories high, and featuring 60,000 square feet of classroom and office space.

Thecollege's capital budget also calls for $2.5 million for site work, planning and infrastructure as an initial step toward a new west campus.

The community college is planning a four-building addition forthe west side of the 167-acre campus. Anticipated enrollment increases will bring the number of full- and part-time students from 8,800 this year to 13,000 by the year 2000.

The Board of Education had requested $21.4 million for new schools, roofs, equipment and buildings. The advisory board recommended $15.5 million, largely to deal with overcrowding in a school system expected to grow by 1,500 students each fall until at least the year 2000.

The advisory board approved $3.7 million for major renovations and an addition to Parole Elementary School; $2.8 million for relocatable classrooms, $390,000 to plan a new elementary school in the Solley area; and a total of $840,000 for plans and engineering to begin improvements at Deale, South Shore,and Meade Heights elementary schools.

The advisory board also recommended spending $7 million to update fire and police facilities. The fire and police departments had requested $12.9 million worth of projects.

Projects that won the board's approval include $3.2 million for a new Ridgeway Fire Station, $1 million for a storage building at police headquarters in Millersville and another $1.25 million for the new detention center, which is set for the controversial site on New Ordnance Road in Glen Burnie.

The board voted down requests for additions to the Western District and Northern District police stations, saying the county should first come up with a plan that detailswhere police facilities are needed.

The advisory board recommended:

* $5.3 million for Recreation and Parks, including $2 million for the second phase of construction at the Lake Shore Athletic Complex at Woods Road and Mountain Road in Pasadena; $700,000 to replace the Lake Waterford Dam in Pasadena; $800,000 for park renovations countywide; and $390,000 for expansion of wetlands and park facilities at Jug Bay.

* $8.5 million for roads and bridges, including $3 million for countywide road resurfacing; $2 million for major improvements to Marley Station Road; $1.4 million for the realignment of Solley Road; and $936,000 to realign Jumpers Hole Road next year for a smoother traffic pattern.

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