Cow Girl Chic User-friendly fashions are riding high again

April 01, 1992|By Jean Patteson | Jean Patteson,Orlando Sentinel

Every once in a while, fashion turns friendly.

Instead of forcing ugly, outrageous, unwearable trends upon us, designers declare that a perfectly ordinary look is "in."

One such user-friendly fashion is "cowgirl chic," which designers have branded A-1 for spring.

They've roped in a lot of old favorites to create this "new" look -- denim skirts, chambray shirts, gingham dresses, square-dance skirts, fringed vests, leather belts.

And because big-name designers are reviving the look, they've put big price tags on these revamped standards.

No need to pay the price, though. Just take your favorite blue jeans, add something new like a tie-front blouse, and accessorize with something western like a bandanna, bolo tie or boots.

No need to look head-to-toe cowgirl, either. Whatever else you're wearing, just add on a touch of the Wild West. Load up your arms with silver bangles. Snap buffalo-nickel button covers over the plain ones on a favorite shirt. Swap last season's trendy baseball cap for a new straw cowboy hat. Or your round-toed Dr. Martin's for pointy-toed cowboy boots.

A little western wear goes a long way.

To make it go even further, many designers have taken a basic western item like denim and used it in unexpected ways to make it seem like a brand-new trend.

You'll see denim turning up in career suits and swimsuits. In blouses over elegant palazzo pants. And in tunics topping funky gauze skirts.

A few old favorites, a little creativity -- and you've got it: Annie Oakley meets Annie Hall.

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