Jordan to discuss gambling rumors with NBA officials

March 31, 1992|By ASSOCAITED PRESS

CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan was to meet with NBA officials in New York today to discuss revelations that he gambled with individuals of questionable character, according to published reports.

The Chicago Sun Times reported today that NBA vice president of public relations Brian McIntyre confirmed the meeting, but would not disclose its time or location.

The NBA declined to provide additional information yesterday, and Jordan was unavailable for comment. The Bulls were en route to New York last night for a game tonight with the New York Knicks.

The league said almost two weeks ago it would look into the reports in North Carolina newspapers that Jordan had gambled with a man previously convicted of cocaine dealing and another man who later was slain in an unrelated robbery.

The Chicago Tribune said the NBA will determine if Jordan knew these men or if they were casual acquaintances with whom he engaged in innocent games of golf and cards.

"These people were third party-initiated friends," Jordan said recently when asked about the $165,000 in checks he allegedly paid to the North Carolina men to cover gambling debts incurred at his Hilton Head, S.C., home in early October.

"I wasn't involved in any point-shaving or betting on basketball games. There's nothing wrong with friendly wagers between friends. I'm sure everyone's guilty of that in some circumstances."

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