5 Annapolis High Pupils Arrested As New Fighting Erupts

March 31, 1992|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff writer

Five Annapolis High School students were arrested yesterday and an administrator was injured when a fight broke out in the school's main lobby between two groups from the city's public housing projects.

About 10 police officers were called to the Riva Road school at 11:15a.m., police spokesman V. Richard Molloy said. Yesterday's fight apparently was a continuation of fight Saturday night at a party in Victor Haven, a community off Bay Ridge Road and Forest Drive.

Molloy said as many as 14 students -- some from Eastport Terrace and Newtowne20 -- were involved in the fight that administrators had broken up by the time police arrived. John Jones, a student advocate at the school, received a severe bruise on his right arm when he tried to intervene in a fight between two students.

"It was initially two students," Principal Laura Webb said. "Then other kids from othercommunities were getting involved."

Webb said the fight occurred during a class change and went on for about five minutes before administrators broke it up.

"Some of the students were also very helpful in helping to stop the fight," she said, although a student grabbedher and pulled her back as she was trying to keep another from getting involved in the fracas.

Two 15-year-old boys and two 17-year-old boys were charged as juveniles with disrupting activities at school, Molloy said.

Jomo Malik Blake, 18, of the 200 block of Admiral Drive, was charged as an adult with disorderly conduct. All will be suspended for five days, said Webb.

Two of those charged are from the two public housing projects, Molloy said, but the others are from other neighborhoods and appeared to have taken sides in the ongoing dispute between Eastport Terrace and Newtowne20.

"The fight was caused by tensions that were carried over from the fight Saturday night,"Molloy said, during which a boy from Eastport Terrace was beaten, apparently by a boy from Newtowne20.

Police were not called to that incident.

Webb said she has had discussions with students from both communities in an effort to halt the ongoing problems.

"I had tomake them understand that this behavior is unacceptable," she said. "There is total disrespect for the school setting."

Webb said a Parent, Teacher, Student Organization meeting scheduled for Thursday night will center on the recent violence. The meeting was scheduled before yesterday's fracas.

"Parents are going to be even more interested in putting a halt to this," Webb said.

Molloy said three officers were posted outside the school when classes let out at 2 p.m., and eight officers will be there when classes begin at 7:30 this morning.

"They are there as a show of force that we are not going to tolerate any problems and we are going to arrest people," he said

It was the second time this month police were called to the 1,647-student school.

A March 10 brawl between two groups from Newtowne20 and Eastport Terrace resulted in a pair of arrests. That fight stemmed from another at Annapolis Mall the previous Saturday night that began with taunts over who dressed better. The Eastport Terrace teens calledthe Newtowne20 youths "dirty" and insinuated that everyone who livedthere was addicted to drugs.

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