Chevrolet promotion offers high-tech gear for schools Test drivers get credits good for computers, TVs.

March 31, 1992|By Ted Shelsby | Ted Shelsby,Staff Writer

Beginning tomorrow area motorists can earn credits used to "buy" computers and other education equipment for local schools by cruising about town in a shiny new Corvette or checking out the Chevy Corsica.

It's all part of a national General Motors Corp. promotion called "Driving for Education," a takeoff on Giant Food Inc.'s popular "Apples for the Students" program that had students turning in cash register receipts to earn computers for their schools.

Instead of collecting cash register receipts, it is hoped that students will push parents and nudge neighbors to go to their Chevrolet dealer and test drive a new car.

Participating dealers (there are 10 in the metropolitan area) will give each motorist who stops by their showroom to test drive a new car a certificate to be used by schools to "purchase" education equipment.

Two hundred and fifty certificates can be cashed in to receive an Apple Macintosh II computer with software. Fifty certificates will "buy" a school a set of Compton's encyclopedia. Other merchandise includes a television with videocassette recorder, a camcorder and less expensive Apple computers.

"It's an indirect marketing approach that allows us to give something back to the community," said John Sophocles, sales manager at Jerry's Chevrolet, one of the participating dealers.

"It's a good public relations approach to marketing our products," he added, expressing hope that a motorist who came in to test drive a new car will remember the dealership 's name when ready to buy.

Joel Sassa, a regional Chevrolet marketing manager, said these area dealers are participating in the program, which runs until the end of the school year:

Bob Bell Chevrolet (Baltimore and Bel Air outlets) Jerry's Chevrolet, Koons Chevrolet, Luby Chevrolet, Miller Brothers, JBA Chevrolet, Heritage Chevrolet, Westminster Motors, and Best Chevrolet.

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