DeJesus just a twinge away from start

March 30, 1992

Jose DeJesus pitched against a major-league opponent yesterday for the first time this spring and, unless the twinge in the right-hander's pitching shoulder comes back, he'll go north with the Philadelphia Phillies for the April 7 season opening.

DeJesus, the No. 3 starter in the Phillies' five-man rotation, pitched three innings in a 6-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox.

"He threw the ball better than I expected," manager Jim Fregosi said. "The big thing is to see how he feels tomorrow [today]. He threw the ball fine, close to 90 mph on a couple of pitches. He threw his breaking ball all right."

* TWINS: Jeanie Hrbek tried to put a positive slant on her husband's latest woe.

"My wife says these things happen for a reason," Kent Hrbek said. He smiled bittersweetly and added, "But I'm still looking for the reason."

The Minnesota Twins' first baseman, feeling good about his recovery from a right shoulder injury, separated his left shoulder Saturday in an exhibition game at St. Petersburg against the St. Louis Cardinals.

"I don't know if I'm falling apart, or what," said Hrbek, standing with his arm in a sling as his teammates took batting practice.

* WHITE SOX: Ozzie Guillen lost his game glove last year, and with it went the Gold Glove.

The Chicago White Sox shortstop, who won his first Gold Glove in 1990, made 13 errors in the first half of last season.

"I left my game glove in Japan," said Guillen, a member of the postseason tour. "I tried to break in a new glove and never felt comfortable with it in the beginning of the season. But those things happen."

Guillen made eight errors in the second half -- only one in the final 39 games.

"I want to win back the Gold Glove, I want to be on the All-Star team and I want this team to get into the playoffs," Guillen said. "We got the team to do it if we stay healthy."

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