Water Tests Begin

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March 30, 1992

The county Department of Health's Environmental Health Division announced that limited "wet season" site evaluations and percolation tests are under way.

Due to below-normal amounts of rainfall and snow this year, water tables are unseasonably low and it may not be possible to make final decisions on all applications until water levels return to more normal levels. However, a partial test is possible.

Information: 222-7193.


The county Departmentof Utilities conducts flushing of the water mains throughout the county every spring and fall.

This program is designed to flush accumulated sediment out of the water mains. The department is compiling alist of all individuals who have dialysis equipment in their homes so they can be notified prior to the flushing in their area.

Residents with dialysis equipment in their homes should call Kathy Lowther or Susan Conaway at 222-6070 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


The county's Office of Disability Service is offering a fact sheet on "Federal Income Tax Planning Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities."

Information: 974-8639


The Annapolis Community Partnership, which consists of more than 50 local agencies and organizations, is seeking ideas from students in Annapolis middle and high schools for a logo to use onits materials.

Because the logo will be used on letterheads, envelopes, buildings and vehicles, it should be a simple design and must be effective if used in one color. The name or initials of the partnerships may be used in the design.

Contestants may also add a slogan if they wish. Examples of other partnership slogans include "Drug Abuse Is Life Abuse," and "Working Together to Make a Difference."

Students may submit computer graphics.

"Our objective is to unite the strengths and resources of the entire Annapolis community," said Sheryl Banks, head of the partnership's Public Awareness Planning Group. "This logo contest will, we hope, get the youth involved and motivated in our work."

Information: 263-9120.

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