Grace E. Scott Worked as a domestic

March 30, 1992

Services for Grace E. Scott, a lifelong resident of Ellicott City who died Thursday, will be held at 11 a.m. today at the Sterling Ashton Funeral Home, 736 Edmondson Ave., Catonsville. She was 76.

Mrs. Scott, who had been ill with pancreatic cancer, worked as a young woman as a domestic for the family of a Catonsville physician, Dr. John A. Buchness, and his wife, Catherine Horn Buchness.

Mrs. Buchness died in 1939, leaving her husband to raise eight children ranging in age from infancy to 18.

Mrs. Scott stepped into this void and became a "surrogate mother," in the words of one family member. He said she brought a lively presence to the family atmosphere, presiding over the preparation of meals, helping to smooth over sibling disputes and always looking after the children's individual needs.

The family member also said Mrs. Scott orchestrated frequent family gatherings as the children grew up, married and moved to their own homes. She remained a member of the Buchness household until Dr. Buchness died in 1970.

Afterward, she and her husband were regular guests at the children's family reunions, weddings, birthday parties for grandchildren, and other gatherings.

She is survived by her husband, Francis O. Scott.

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