Dear Stadium Doctor:Can you tell me if there will be...

Stadium Doctor

March 29, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

Can you tell me if there will be special "container gates" at Oriole Park? If so, where will they be located?

Jean Hess

Long Green

Dear Jean Hess:

Thank you for your letter, which reminded me of a sad childhood experience involving a thermos and a barking dog. I loved that thermos.

I have researched your question. I know the answer. Container entrances at the new ballpark will be gates C, E and G. At these locations, fans will be permitted to bring into the ballpark containers or coolers small enough to fit under their seats.

You know this already, but don't bring glass bottles, metal cans or alcohol.

Dear Stadium Doctor:

I was wondering if the Orioles will have batting cages down by the locker rooms. If not, what will the Orioles have for their training for the new season?

Jimmy Burns


Dear Jimmy Burns:

The answer to your question is Rube Marquard, in the 1912 World Series.

(Wrong answer, pardon me.)

The Orioles have two practice tunnels. Each has two pitching mounds, two home plates and wall-to-wall AstroTurf. On the visitors' side, there is no indoor practice area.

Dear Stadium Doctor:

Will there be anything available to the public inside the B&O warehouse? If so, will there be anything such as a wall of the warehouse's history? Also, have they made up a name for the

warehouse, like Fenway Park's "Green Monster"?

Shane Bartholow


Dear Shane Bartholow:

Let's take it from the top:

There will be a lot of stuff open to the public on the ground floor of the warehouse, including a cafeteria (Pastimes) and a bar (Bambino's).

I'm not sure about your warehouse history question but will look into it and try to report back next week.

I haven't heard any nicknames for the warehouse yet, but would personally favor either "Skipper" or "That Big Brick Thing Next To The Stadium."

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