Atholton Raiders

1992 Girls Lacrosse Preview

March 29, 1992

Coach: Carolann Stevens (second year)

1991 record: 3-9 overall, 1-6 league

Returnees: Seniors Cli Auclair (A), Jen Bzock (A), Anne Klosky (M), Kirsten Kruhm (G), Dana McGraw (D), Kristen Murphy (D), Stasia Skillman (M), Vicki Trott (M); juniors Allison Valentino (A), Missy Schoonmaker (M); sophomore Lara Dustin (A).

Newcomers to watch: SeniorGab Descoteau (A); juniors Joy Gilbert (M), Christy Seagerson (M).

Coach's outlook: "We have a much better team than last year and should be able to play competitively with any team in the county."

Howard County Sun outlook: With 11 returning players, look for Atholtonto win more than three games and finish in the middle of the pack.


Coach: Gail Purcell (fifth year)

1991 record: 9-4 overall, 5-2 league

Returnees: Seniors Heather Saunders (A), Lauren Mooney (A), Amy Morrison (D) , Meghan Carr (D), Kristen Lawrence (D), Laure Kaylor (G); juniors Renee Svehla (G), Sheri Happel (M), Alison Lages (M), Becky Jones (D).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Lilly Hahm (A), Amber Saunders (A), Paige Nettelbladt (A); sophomore Jamie Fontaine (D).

Coach's outlook: "We have a solid overall team, but defense is the key to our success."

Howard County Sun outlook: With 10 returning players, the Eagles should be one of the stronger teams in the league, but they still will not be able to beat Mount Hebron.


Coach: Ginger Kincaid (fifth year)

1991record: 5-7 overall, 4-3 league

Returnees: Seniors Katie Stermer (A), Jesse Marijiano (M), Sarah Jones (M), Alex Sellner (M), MichelleHooker (M), April Pich (M), Jennifer Soule (D), Jennifer Anderson (D), Jen Fenner (D); juniors Dana Hoffman (G), Heather Shumake (M).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Charlotte Cockrell (M), Heather Inkman (A), Tricia Slater (M).

Coach's outlook: "We should hold our own among the top three county teams. We have a strong midfield and a lot ofspeed."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Gladiators should finish either second or third in the league and make the playoffs.


Coach: Gay Petrlik (fifth year)

1991 record: 4-8overall, 2-5 league

Returnees: Seniors Chris Bailey (M), Autumn Barbosa (A), Natasha Lasonsky (A), Erin Beerman (M), Lauren Choate (M), Chrissy Miller (M), Chris Knus (D), Erika Schissler (D), Christa Frankos (G), Danielle Damott (M); junior Jill Farrow (M).

Newcomers to watch: Sophomores Jennifer Brown (M), Natalie Serianni (M).

Coach's outlook: "We should have our best season. A lot of our returneeswent to summer lacrosse camp, and their skills are more sound."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Bears return 10 seniors, including Autumn Barbosa, who scored 36 goals. Look for sharp improvement. They could finish among the top four teams.


Coach: Terry Flaig (first year)

1991 record: 1-11 overall, 0-7 league

Returnees:Seniors Emily Petrlik (M), Beth Ampagoomian (D), Gina Bonafiglio (M), Jen Coppel (A), Kara Gontkovic (D), Darlene Richey (M), Laura Seastrum (M/D), Cindy Yi (M).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Monica Motely(M), Julie Lovell (D); sophomores Amy Shourds (A), Kim Shupe (G).

Coach's outlook: "We're working on basics and hoping for a .500 season."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Lions have eight returning seniors, including Emily Petrlik, who scored 70 goals last year. Their record should show improvement.


Coach: P. J. Kesmodel (fifth year)

1991 record: 11-3 overall, 7-0 league

Returnees: Seniors Andrea Cuzmanes (M), Megan Drake (A), Kate Mallon (D),Carrie Donahoe (D), Erin O'Donnell (D), Erin Shutes (A), Beth Streagle (G); juniors Sandra Benson (D), Tierney Clark (D), Amy Fine (M), Shannon McGinnis (M), Lori Pasquantonio (A), Megan Waterfield (D); sophomore Cathy Nelson (A).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Ali True (G),Stacia Hepburn (D); sophomore Sara Cho (D); freshmen Lynette Chastant (A), Erin McGinnis (D).

Coach's outlook: "This is the best offensive team we've ever had, and we've also got the two best goalies in the county."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Vikings are heavy favorites to win their fourth county title in five seasons.


Coach: Sarah Snyder (first year)

1991 record: 7-4 overall, 6-1 league

Returnees: Seniors Colleen Jennings (A/D), KathiRunyan (D), Nicole Garnes (D); juniors Carrie Petcovic (D), Jessica Kratzer (A), Debbie Jackson (G).

Newcomers to watch: Sophomores Kelly Naylor (C), Amy Caldwell (D).

Coach's outlook: "We have a young team, so the goal is to build for next year, although we have the potential to do well this year."

Howard County Sun outlook: With only three seniors playing and six returning players, the Scorpions should tumble toward the bottom of the league standings.


Coach: Tammy Goldeisen (fourth year)

1991 record: 3-11 overall, 3-4 league

Returnees: Seniors Kathy Keller(D), Lynette Caballes (M), Ryan McDonough, ( M), Michelle Venable (D), Mary Livingston(A), Dina Siracusa (M), Melissa King ( M); junior Stephanie Taddeo (M); sophomore Carrie Chao (A).

Newcomers to watch: Seniors Lisa Brooks (G), Tara Tidgewell (M); junior Eva Ortibeb (M); sophomores Maggie Barker (A), Kim Driesen (M).

Coach's outlook: "We have people coming up without much experience who will play a lot, so this looks like a growing year."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Wildecats willfinish near the bottom of the league standings.

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