Farmers, Gardeners Advised To Test Soil

March 29, 1992

Regular soil testing can pay dividends for both farmers and homeowners, says Richard A. Weismiller, acting chairman for agronomy in the College of Agriculture, University of Maryland at College Park.

Knowing your soil's nutrient requirements and pH level -- a measure of acidity -- will help you make informed decisions on the proper application of fertilizer and lime.

Weismiller says that triazine herbicides often don't work well atlow pH levels. Taking a look at last year's weed map might provide clues on where soil samples should be taken this year.

The state soil testing laboratory is operated by the Cooperative Extension Service, a part of the Maryland Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The laboratory charges $5 per sample for lawn and garden tests, and $6 for routine farm field tests.

Homeowners should call the Extension Home and Garden Information Center at 1-800-342-2507.

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