Taneytown Tourney Won By Frederick County Team


168 Entrants Participate In Duckpin Doubles Event

March 29, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

The Pot of Gold Duckpin Doubles Tournament at Thunderhead Taneytown drew 168 entrants.

The winners were Dwight Repp and Dave Lakin, who threw a handicapped total of 1115; that's 46 pins in front of runners-up Paul Snyder and Judy Arnold and 59 pins over third-place finishers Darren Blizzard and Don Bollinger.

That first-place prize was $500 for the team. Marie Stephens, with a 450 series and Bobby Blizzard with a 500 set, each received $50 for the men's and women's high individual series. On Feb. 23, Blizzardthrew the tournament high game of 237.

Repp lives in Libertytown,Frederick County, with his wife, Judy, carries a 138 average with a high game of 235 and a high set of 529 and bowls in the Thursday night Monocacy Valley League at Walkersville, Frederick County.

He's been bowling for about 25 years and somehow finds time to sub at MountAiry Lanes as well as bowl in a regular league. I say "finds time" because he's one busy man -- producing corn, soybeans, barley and hay on about 150 acres, maintaining a school bus contracting business forthe Frederick County school system and doing custom work for other farmers in the area.

"The custom work really keeps me busy," Repp said. "But I'll always find time for duckpins. It's a nice, clean sport, you meet a lot of nice people, I really enjoy the game."

He threw a 513 scratch set in the doubles and his partner, Dave Lakin, had a 471 scratch series.

Lakin, also of Libertytown, carries a 126 average. With a high set of 491 and high game of 195, he's been bowlingabout 14 years.

"A lot of people associate bowling with all-men teams," Lakin said. "But bowling is really a family affair.

"My wife, Josie, has a 121 average and our daughter, Shannon, who's 10 yearsold, has an 84 average. It's a game that the whole family plays together."

A bricklayer by trade, he bowls in the same league -- the Thursday night Monocacy Valley League -- as his doubles partner.

While neither bowler said anything about the next duckpin tournament atTaneytown, the Spring Duckpin Doubles that started last weekend and continues until April 12, I'll bet they'll be in it. First prize in the Spring Doubles will be another $500, and it's a handicap event.

Last Monday, Thunderhead Taneytown kicked off the 14th Annual Co-Sponsored Tenpin Singles Handicap Tournament. You can bowl any time lanes are available through May 31 and have a first-place prize opportunity of $500.


OK, pay attention, all you Carroll County duckpinbowlers: Here's the new world record for a single game.

Pete Signore Jr. of North Haven, Conn., threw a 279 game on March 5 at T-Bowl Lanes in Newington, Conn. That breaks

the 272 that Tiger Baker of Virginia Beach, Va., shot last Oct. 1.

Signore opened with the 7-8split, converted it and rolled nine straight strikes. In the 10th frame, the seven pin stood, but he knocked it down for the 279 record-breaking game.

He is a 135 average bowler, and his previous high game was a 214. Oddly, his first and last games were 132 and 147, totaling exactly 279.


A lot of duckpin leagues have been around for a long time, during which a lot of rules have been written, rewritten and changed time and time again.

Many bowlers think that because the league rules say something, it's a solid rule.

Chances are that if the league rules exceed nine or 10 in number, something's wrong with them. When I say wrong, I mean in direct conflict with the National Duckpin Bowling Congress rules.

Get out the Rule Book/Directory and turn to the first page, the title page, and read the information in the black-bordered box at the bottom: An NDBC-sanctioned league shall not make any rule which contradicts any section of the congress's bylaws or playing rules.

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