Grant Wedding ORIOLE PARK PROFILE Seat installer

March 29, 1992

Grant Wedding has an idea what fans really want in a new ballpark, and it isn't necessarily gourmet dining and a concierge desk.

"You gotta have seats and you gotta have bathrooms," he said.

Wedding's specialty is the former. For almost a year, he has overseen the job of installing the roughly 48,000 seats at the new ballpark. At four holes drilled per seat, that's a mind- and drill-bit-bending total of nearly 200,000.

A former carpenter, Wedding worked with crews that replaced seats in a number of sports buildings. In the past five years, he won contracts to install seats at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee and the new Comiskey Park in Chicago before coming to Baltimore in May.

The hardest part for Wedding always comes at the beginning -- mapping out the seating decks to determine where each chair will go. "That's 50 percent of the job," Wedding,51, said.

The next phase is drilling holes at prescribed spots so that the seats can be bolted into the concrete.

Wedding expects to be in the new ballpark for Friday's exhibition game and perhaps for the April 6 opener. While fans are watching the Orioles, he'll be on the lookout for loose screws.

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