Travel Tips

March 29, 1992

Mass transit

Metro. The subway system is the ideal way to get to the ballpark. Free parking and fast service to downtown. An average 4,100 spaces are still available at midday.

Light rail. Special service from noon to 8 p.m. on Opening Day. Best bet is to park at Timonium with its 850 spaces and overflow lot at Timonium fairgrounds. But its newness may cause overcrowding, so consider taking Metro instead.

Park-and-ride. The 13 express bus lots include four regional "super lots" with continuous shuttle service. Essex lot is closed Opening Day because of overcrowding.

MTA bus. Some people are reluctant to take them, but there are 24 city bus routes that come within a short walking distance of the stadium. Regular riders know it's the most hassle-free commuting choice inside the Beltway.

Maryland Rail Commuter (MARC) trains. The parking lots at most stations are filled at midday. The best choice on Opening Day on the Camden Line is to park at Union Station, Savage, St. Denis or at a special temporary stop set up at Laurel Race Course off Route 1 with 300 parking spaces. Limited parking still should be available on Opening Day at Brunswick, Metropolitan Grove and Rockville on the Brunswick Line and at Union Station, New Carrollton, or any station northeast of Baltimore on the Penn Line.


Come early, stay late. Avoid peak travel times, particularly 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Opening Day. Gates open at noon for ticket holders. A good strategy is to head downtown at 11 a.m. and take a leisurely lunch.

Park and walk. If you work downtown, leave your car at your regular parking space on Opening Day and walk, even if you have a permit space. One suggestion is to have family or friends take mass transit downtown and drive everyone home after the game.

Backdoor play. Avoid Interstate 95, I-395 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. They look good on paper, but fans coming from the south will clog them.

Use city streets. Avoid Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Another inviting thoroughfare that will be heavy with traffic. Better choices are downtown streets such as Greene, Eutaw, Cathedral and St. Paul.

What exit? Travelers down the Jones Falls Expressway should avoid Lombard Street. Try Mount Royal, Maryland Avenue or St. Paul Street exits.


Park at a distance. Ideally five to 10 blocks away. The closer lots will fill first, particularly on Opening Day. The farther you're willing to walk, the easier it will be when it's time to leave.

Park at space-rich locales. Try Lexington Market, the area north and west of University of Maryland Medical Center, the Inner Harbor East and downtown areas east of Gay Street. Downtown shuttles, which charge 50 cents, will be running east-west on Pratt and Lombard streets and north-south on Eutaw and Paca streets.

Try Howard Street. If you park on Howard, you can always hop on the Light Rail and be carried directly to the ballpark.

Stadium lot. Leave the stadium lot to fans coming from the south. It's really not convenient from any other direction.

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