. . . And The Question Is Our Oscar Quiz For Movie Buffs

March 29, 1992|By JOHN HOLZINGER

Every office has one: the resident movie history expert.

Ours is John Holzinger, stalwart guardian of all things that go beep and boop in the Baltimore Sun wire room, nerve center for receiving news and photos from all over the world.

John put the foreign correspondents on hold recently and devised this challenging Oscar quiz to warm up the audience for tomorrow night's Academy Awards telecast.

It's a 20-question, 100-point quiz, with points assigned according to difficulty. There are some giveaway questions and a couple of Hol-zingers. For the grade-obsessed weenies out there who are already whining "No fair!", we've thrown in 10 possible extra credit points. Answers will appear in the April 5 Sun Magazine.

We begin with five questions of local interest:


1.) Former Baltimore talk show host Oprah Winfrey was nominated for an Oscar for her first screen role. Name the year, the category and the film. (3 points)

2.) Name the actor who got his start at the Spotlighters Theater and was nominated for best supporting actor in 1981. (3 points)

3.) Barry Levinson received his first Oscar nomination in 1982. Name the category and the film. (4 points)

4.) Name the Baltimore-born talent nominated for an Oscar this year who won one in 1989. (4 points)

5.) Name the actress from Silver Spring nominated this year for a best supporting award and the critically hailed film in which she appeared. (5 points)


6.) Three members of a movieland dynasty have won Oscars in different categories. Who are they and what is their relationship? (7 points)

7.) A long-married couple won the best actor and actress Oscar -- almost 30 years apart. Who are they? (4 points)

8.) What sister and brother won Oscars in the '80s in one of the five major categories? (3 points)

9.) At the 1952 ceremony, the producer of the Oscar winner for best picture was related to the best supporting actor winner. Who were they and how were they related? (5 points)

10.) Two sisters were in competition for best actress in 1966, but neither won. Who were they? (3 points)


11.) She won the 1948 best actress Oscar for a role in which she didn't utter a single line of dialogue. (4 points)

12.) He was nominated posthumously for best actor -- and won. (( Name him and the film. (4 points)

13.) Apparently you don't have to study acting to win an Oscar. Two winners in best supporting categories were not professional actors. One was a soldier, the other a doctor. Name them. (6 points)

14.) What actress won an Academy Award for portraying a man? (4 points)

15.) What was the only silent film to win the best picture Oscar? (4 points)


16.) What picture has won the most Oscars? (6 points)

17.) Until "Dances With Wolves," what was the only western to win a best picture Oscar? (7 points)

18.) Name the film nominated as best picture and best foreign film in 1969. (10 points)

19.) Name the first picture to sweep the five major categories (picture, actor, actress, director and best screenplay). (6 points)

20.) What's Oscar standing on? (8 points)


1.) What was the distinction of this actor's nomination for "Going My Way" in 1944? (2 points)

2.) For what film did this actor win his only Oscar? (2 points)

3.) What actor won consecutive best supporting Oscars for portraying the two men shown above and top? (2 points)

4.) This star has garnered the most nominations and has won the most best actress Oscars. How many nominations and wins? (2 points)

5.) This precocious child was the youngest winner of a best supporting actress Oscar. Who is she and for what film did she win her award? (2 points)

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