ENJOYEDEditor: You provided tremendous...


March 29, 1992


Editor: You provided tremendous enjoyment to many when you published the Feb. 16 Way Back When ["Totally Teen"].

I say "many" because I am 63 years old, still married, mother of seven, grandmother of 18, and great-grandmother of one. We have all enjoyed the Feb. 16 issue. I am one of the girls in the picture on the bottom, right side. I don't know who sent the picture in, but I'm glad you chose it.

Some responses from grandchildren: "Grandmom, is that Grandpop you're dancing with?" "Pretty, but that's a funky hairdo."

Congratulations on the success of publishing meaningful events that people enjoy. Great fun! And, thank you for choosing this particular photo.

Margaret M. Warrington



Editor: Your paper this past Sunday [Feb. 23] contained information the general public does not need. Your Sun Magazine article by Patrick Ercolano, "Gays vs. Organized Religion," really wasn't necessary.

It's bad when people become reprobates and no longer can discern between right and wrong.

God's word is emphatic regardless of any organized religion. . . . I have 10 great-grandchildren. I know God will protect their minds because I have given them all to Him. Yet, to know they have to be exposed to such dangerous permissiveness sort of galls me. . . .

Why promote that which is not wholesome? . . . Please reconsider what you send to the public.

Roxie Moore


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