Degraff And 3 1/2-year Beau Make It Official

March 27, 1992|By JoAnna Daemmrich | JoAnna Daemmrich,Staff writer

They're shivering in a hammock, swinging back and forth on a cold March night to pose for an engagement photo, and giggling at each other.

She's the bubbly politician, a two-term member of the Annapolis City Council who has been known to make tough decisions. He's the more reserved businessman, a golfer who considers himself shy and likes to sing along with commercials.

Alderwoman Theresa DeGraff met Don Groseclose for a business lunch in October 1988 and thought he was quite --ing. Now, after 3 1/2 years of dating, they're engaged.

"I remember on our first date, he came to the door in a tux and he had a long-stem red rose, and I thought he was so gorgeous," said DeGraff, a Republican who represents the city's Ward 7.

They soon discovered they share a fondness for musicals, traveling and cigarettes. They're both Republicans. They've both been married before.

Groseclose, director of sales and marketing for Eastern Waste Industries, a national trash-disposal company, said he's much more interested by city politics these days. Until he met DeGraff, he followed only national politics. Now, he carries her campaign literature and watches the council maneuvering with a close eye.

They met in 1988 to talk trash. DeGraff, who was working as a property manager then, wanted a new compactor for a shopping center. She talked it over with Groseclose, who gave her some business adviceand then told her he wanted to get more involved in the community.

By the spring of 1989, he was going to Jaycees events and dating DeGraff.

They moved into a spacious new home overlooking the headwaters of Back Creek in 1990. By the next Valentine's Day, DeGraff admits, she began wondering whether she might see a diamond ring.

The night before her 34th birthday, he asked her to get him a soda from the refrigerator. Then, he even complained it wasn't cold enough. She reached in for another can and found a jewelry box.

They haven't set a date yet, but they've made a lot of phone calls since March 15 and already have a 300-name guest list.

Luckily, the council chamberseats only 200.

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