All public workers are sufferingI would like to personally...

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March 27, 1992

All public workers are suffering

I would like to personally thank you, the media,for all the publicity you have given Baltimore County teachers.however,it simply amazes me that the media as well as the teachers'union feel that these cutbacks affect these individuals more severely than other county government workers.

Furloughs affect all of us.No one is happy about them and teachers are certainly not the only ones who must take work home.

Most Baltimore County workers realize their responsibilities.They bite the bullet and perform their duties to the best of their abilities rather than venting their anger by wasting time,energy and resources on a senseless sick-out.

We realize that we cannot just decide to shirk our responsibilities and not come to work because the furlough dates we recieved were not timely or convenient.

Perhaps if the teachers really wanted to set an example,they would voice their concerns by using their educational background, talents and experience to assist the county government through new and innovative ideas of how to save funds or to streamline current methods.

Randy T. Mentzell


The writer is custodian of criminal records at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Arab silence

Time and again, the media bombard us with pictures, events and progress or lack of it regarding Israeli conciliation movements such as "Peace Now", "Yesh Grul," the Israeli Left, etc. Yet, in all these years, there has not been one report, picture or article referring to any such Arab movement. Why?

The answer to the question is a simple one. There are none. Why? The Arab world does not let its masses express themselves freely. Over 400 Arab people were killed in the so-called West Bank by Arabs who claimed these persons were collaborators.

There is no democratic process to be found in the entire Arab world. All opposition to the regime in power is ruthlessly subdued and/or eliminated. Some 20,000 were killed in Hama, Syria; thousands during Black September in Jordan; thousands in Iraq; and the list goes on.

The question is: Is it fair, just and accurate to profile the Israeli conciliation movements without a comparison profile of the other side?

Joseph Haus


Save historic ship

A bill was introduced this year in the Maryland legislature allowing cruise ships to continue to provide gambling while within Maryland waters up to the Key Bridge.

Around the same time this bill was being introduced, the owner of the S.S. United States was forced to file for bankruptcy to keep this "national monument" from ending on the scrap pile.

This one-time record holder, pride of America, was built to serve this country in both peace and war due to her ability to cross the Atlantic in less than four days. Ironically, the current cost of fuel prohibits her from being used effectively today and has created her present plight.

This marvel of American shipbuilding and engineer should be just as worthy as saving as the U.S.S. Constellation, or the U.S.S. Constitution, or for that matter, Fort McHenry, or any other historic site which this country holds dear.

The simple solution would be to pass legislation, particular to this one-of-a-kind marvel, to allow her to be berthed in Maryland, which is no stranger to building ships or to gambling, and allow her to act as a gracious floating hotel as she once was with the ability to generate funds not only to maintain herself, but also to create revenues to rival that of the lottery plus thousands of jobs for Marylanders.

Joseph A. Imbesi


Who decided this?

We are delighted to have a new stadium for our Orioles. However, on opening day, April 6, the president of the campus of the University of Maryland at Baltimore has decided to suspend all activities on campus.

This will include canceling classes in every professional school and will compromise capabilities at one of Baltimore's major critical care facilities. This is to allow for parking space on the campus for stadium patrons.

Is a ball game more important than education and patient care? Who is making these decisions? Clearly, closing all of the schools on campus and limiting access to parking for the sick and their families at University Hospital for a ballgame is an example of back-room politics, confused priorities and illogical thinking.

E. G. Elias, M.D.


'Growing concern' over school budgets

We are deeply concerned about budget cuts in education. As a result of the difficult time our nation is facing, a devaluation of our futures' greatest asset is being compromised.

We fear that as a result of these cuts, our children's education is suffering. Our nation's health and future is dependent upon the leadership and skills our children learn today.

:. The cartoon reflects this growing concern.

Nancy Goucher

Sharon Weaver

Towson I am a letter carrier at the Eudowood Post Office. I was brought up to believe that hard work is always rewarded and to be grateful for what you have.

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