Roll call on tax bill

March 26, 1992

Here's how the House of Delegates voted Tuesday on the bill to raise Maryland taxes:

FOR (78):

Albin, Leon, D-Baltimore County

Alexander, Gary, D-Prince George's

Anderson, Curtis S., D-Baltimore

Arrington, Michael, D-Prince George's

Athey, Tyras, D-Anne Arundel

Barve, Kumar, D-Montgomery

Bell, J. Ernest II, D-St. Mary's

Benson, Joanne C., D-Prince George's

Billings, Leon, D-Montgomery

Bonsack, Rose Mary Hatem, D-Harford

Boston, Frank D. Jr., D-Baltimore

Campbell, James W., D-Baltimore

Chasnoff, Joel, D-Montgomery

Conroy, Mary A., D-Prince George's

Counihan, Gene W., D-Montgomery

Cummings, Elijah E., D-Baltimore

Curran, Gerald J., D-Baltimore

Currie, Ulysses, D-Prince George's

Davis, Clarence, D-Baltimore

Dembrow, Dana Lee, D-Montgomery

Donoghue, John P., D-Washington

Doory, Ann Marie, D-Baltimore

Dypski, Cornell N., D-Baltimore

Exum, Nathaniel, D-Prince George's

Forehand, Jennie M., D-Montgomery

Franchot, Peter, D-Montgomery

Frosh, Brian E., D-Montgomery

Fry, Donald C., D-Harford

Fulton, Tony E., D-Baltimore

Genn, Gilbert J., D-Montgomery

Gordon, Michael R., D-Montgomery

Guns, Ronald A., D-Cecil

Harrison, Hattie N., D-Baltimore

Healey, Anne, D-Prince George's

Heller, Henry B., D-Montgomery

Hergenroeder, Henry R. Jr., D-Baltimore

Hixson, Sheila E., D-Montgomery

Howard, Carolyn J.B., D-Prince George's

Huff, W. Ray, D-Anne Arundel

Hurson, John A., D-Montgomery

Hutchinson, Leslie, D-Baltimore County

Jefferies, John D., D-Baltimore

Jones, Christine M., D-Prince George's

Kelley, Delores G., D-Baltimore

Kelly, Kevin, D-Allegany

Kirk, Ruth M., D-Baltimore

Kopp, Nancy K., D-Montgomery

Krysiak, Carolyn, D-Baltimore

Maloney, Timothy F., D-Prince George's

Marriott, Salima S., D-Baltimore

Menes, Pauline H., D-Prince George's

Mitchell, R. Clayton Jr., D-Kent

Montague, Kenneth Jr., D-Baltimore

Murphy, Margaret H., D-Baltimore

McClellan, James E., D-Frederick

McHale, Brian, D-Baltimore

Parham, Samuel M., D-Baltimore

Perkins, Anne S., D-Baltimore

Petzold, Carol S., D-Montgomery

Pinsky, Paul, D-Prince George's

Pitkin, Joan B., D-Prince George's

Poole, D. Bruce, D-Washington

Preis, Mary Louise, D-Harford

Proctor, James E. Jr., D-Prince Georges

Rawlings, Howard P., D-Baltimore

Rosapepe, James C., D-Prince George's

Rosenberg, Samuel I., D-Baltimore

Ryan, Charles J., D-Prince George's

Slade, John F. III, D-St. Mary's

Taylor, Casper R. Jr., D-Allegany

Teitelbaum, Leonard H., D-Montgomery

Thomas, Virginia M., D-Howard

Tignor, Beatrice, D-Prince George's

Valderrama, David, D-Prince George's

Vallario, Joseph F. Jr., D-Prince George's

Van Hollen Jr., Christopher, D-Montgomery

Weir, Michael H., D-Baltimore County

Workman, Betty, D-Allegany

NAY (61):

Arnick, John S., D-Baltimore County

Astle, John C., D-Anne Arundel

Bartenfelder, Joseph, D-Baltimore County

Blumenthal, Rosa Lee, D-Prince George's

Bishop, John J., R-Baltimore County

Bissett, Phillip D., D-Anne Arundel

Brewster, Gerry, D-Baltimore County

Bozman, Bennett, D-Worcester

Braun, Stephen J., D-Charles

Busch, Michael, D-Anne Arundel

Cadden, Joan, D-Anne Arundel

Callas, Peter G., D-Washington

Conway, Norman H., D-Worcester

Craig, David R., R-Harford

DePazzo, Louis L., D-Baltimore County

Dewberry, Thomas E., D-Baltimore County

DiPietro, Anthony M. Jr., D-Baltimore

Dixon, Richard N., D-Carroll

Douglass, John, D-Baltimore

Edwards, George C., R-Garrett

Ehrlich, Robert Jr., R-Baltimore County

Elliott, Donald B., R-Frederick

Flanagan, Robert L., R-Howard

Franks, Ronald, R-Queen Anne's

Galiazzo, Connie, D-Baltimore County

Gary, John G., R-Anne Arundel

Harkins, James M., R-Harford

Hattery, Thomas H., D-Frederick

Johnson, Samuel Q. III, D-Wicomico

Kach, A. Wade, R-Baltimore County

Kittleman, Robert H., R-Howard

Klima, Martha S., R-Baltimore County

Kolodziejski, Charles W., D-Anne Arundel

LaMotte, Lawrence A., D-Baltimore County

La Vay, Richard, R-Montgomery

Levin, Theodore, D-Baltimore County

Littrell, George H. Jr., D-Frederick

Maddox, E. Farrell, D-Baltimore County

Madden, Martin, R-Howard

Masters, Kenneth H., D-Baltimore County

Matthews, Richard C., R-Baltimore County

McClenahan, Charles A., R-Somerset

Morgan, John S., R-Howard

Morsberger, Louis P., D-Baltimore County

Murray, Ethel, D-Cecil

Owings, George W. III, D-Calvert

Palumbo, Richard A., D-Prince George's

Perry, Marsha G., D-Anne Arundel

Ports, James F., R-Baltimore County

Redmer Jr., Alfred, R-Baltimore County

Roesser, Jean W., R-Montgomery

Rynd, Richard, D-Baltimore County

Sauerbrey, Ellen R., R-Baltimore County

Scannello, Patrick C., D-Anne Arundel

Schisler, Kenneth, R-Talbot

Sprague, Michael J., D-Charles

Stup, J. Anita, R-Frederick

Sulin, Victor P., D-Anne Arundel

Thornton, Robert A. Jr., D-Caroline

Weisengoff, Paul E., D-Baltimore

Wood, John F. Jr., D-Charles-St. Mary's


Avara, R. Charles, D-Baltimore

Smith, Betty S., R-Anne Arundel

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