Atholton Raiders

1992 Baseball Preview

March 25, 1992

Coach: Kevin Kelly (second year)

1991 record: 9-11 overall, 7-7 league

Returnees: Seniors Brian Gick (P, SS), Bryan Egolf (P, OF), BrianHannah (1B) , Brian Van Deusen (2B), Mark Trecannelli (3B), Brian Smith (OF), Billy Mills (OF), Scott Woods (OF), Eugene Miller (C); junior Kevin Nickey (C).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Ryan McQueeny (SS), Josh Seidman (OF), Richard Blankenship (P, OF).

Coach's outlook: "On paper we look decent and I anticipate our being better than last year."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Raiders are a veteran team with superb pitching, a strong defense and ample hitting. They should win the county title.


Coach: Ron Martin (second year)

1991 record: 14-10 overall; 10-4 league

Returnees: Seniors Brian Bickerton (P,SS), Chris Calamari (3B), Brian Kujawa (OF);sophomore Kurt Weitzel (P,SS).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Sean West (OF); juniors Brent Mertes (OF), P), Chris Forstner (C); sophomores David Hudson (OF, 1B), Joe Mellendick (2B).

Coach's outlook: "Wehope to be competitive. We still have a lot of juggling to do with our lineup."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Eagles arguably have the best pitcher in the league, Bickerton. And although they've graduated most of last year's squad, they have some excellent young players. They should finish among the top four teams.


Coach: Terry Coleman (13th year)

1991 record: 6-14 overall, 5-9 league

Returnees: Seniors Kevin Roland (P), Joe Goldberg (SS), MattDrummand (2B); junior Jason Beall (OF); sophomore Brian Boteler (3B).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Greg Corrick (C); juniors Jeff Lewis (P), David Buckholtz (1B).

Coach's outlook: "We will compete for the county title."

Howard County Sun's outlook: Roland and Lewis give the Gladiators the pitching they need to finish among the top fourteams.


Coach: Bob Maxey (sixth year)

1991record: 19-5 overall, 12-2 league (county champs)

Returnees: Senior Curtis Barnard (C, P); juniors Matt Cyran (SS), Jeff Busick (2B), J. C. Kundert (3B), Joe Brewer (OF).

Newcomers to watch: Seniors Richard Williamson (P, DH), Josh Zinnamon (1B); juniors Mike Kaplan (3B, P), Jon Yerzek (SS, 3B), Bob Greiner (OF), Jason Root (OF), Toby Anderson (OF).

Coach's outlook: "If the older players produce, we could be near the top again. Our big question is pitching."

Howard County Sun's outlook: With just one returning senior, the Bears appear to be a year away from contending unless the pitching surprises.


Coach: Tony Miceli (third year)

1991 record: 2-18 overall, 1-13 league

Returnees: Seniors Tait Arend (P, 3B), Adam Eldridge (C, 1B), Marty Wright (P, 1B), Brian Kushner (OF); junior Brad Montcastle (P, 2B).

Newcomers to watch: Seniors Bryan Ridgell (OF), Dave Jones (SS, C), Chris Keary (C, 1B, 3B), Scotty Scott (OF); juniors Ryan Frees (SS), Jamie Kendrick (C, Inf.), Jason Shefrin (2B, 3B), Josh Tzuker (OF).

Coach's outlook: "We have an influx of experienced new players who could create a major turnaround for us."

Howard County Sun's outlook: Look for the Lions to rebound, possibly to the middle of the pack.


Coach: Dave Appleby (fifth year)

1991 record: 12-8 overall, 8-6 league

Returnees: Seniors Mike Miller (P), Tony Yanero (C), Chris Leineur (1B), Mike Carter (3B), Tony Califano (OF), Alan Vandeberg (P), Ken Reynolds (P), Mike DiStefano (SS).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Mike Cole (OF), Mike Fadrowski (OF), Ron Bates (2B), Eric Volland (P).

Coach's outlook: "If our pitching comes through we'll do well. Our goal is to make the playoffs."

Howard County Sun's outlook: Miller should be one of the league's top pitchers. If another good pitcher emerges, the Vikings could be tough.


Coach: Bill Winder (first year)

1991 record: 10-8 overall, 8-6 league

Returnees: Seniors Andy Young (P, 3B), Tony Scarzello (C), Steve Finkill (P, 3B, 1B), Steve Eckstrom (SS), Alex Laird (OF), Devin Keyes (OF), Vernon White (OF); junior Jason Kane (P, 1B).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Eric Jayne (OF), Paul Scarzello (2B), Adam Seidman (2B).

Coach's outlook: "Our strengths will be pitching and defense, and they should keep us in every game."

Howard County Sun's outlook: Young should beone of the league's top pitchers, so the Scorpions should win some games.


Coach: Tim O'Brien (first year)

1991record: 6-11 overall, 3-11 league

Returnees: Seniors Dan Wahlberg(P, 1B), Shawn Besserer (P, OF), Bobby Lane (3B), Brandon Easterling(C), Aric Swezi (OF), Pat Brown (OF); juniors Bill Ferguson (SS), Rob McGrain (P), Josh Hall (OF).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Josh Brooks (P, 1B), Brian Gerring (2B).

Coach's outlook: "We need everyone to contribute in order to make a run at respectability."

HowardCounty Sun's outlook: Look for the Wildecats to show some improvement over last season.

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