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1992 Anne Arundel Girls Lacrosse At A Glance

March 25, 1992

Head coach: Sue Chittim (third season).

Assistant coaches: Dave Gehrdes and Lisa Kallis.

1991 record: 8-4.

Returnees: Seniors Carrie Lewis (g), Ali Nadich (att), Emily Chones (def), Kristin Chiari (def), Kate Garrett (att) and Cory Harmon (att); juniors Shannon Cordell (att), Cory Samaras(def) and Inga Fredland (def); sophomores Kate Brew (g), Cheryl Ragland (def) and Cristi Samaras (att).

Newcomers: Senior Becky Janovsky (att); juniors Nicole DeChamps (att), Heather Knutson (att) and Lauren Feinstein (att); sophomores Tamie Phipps (att), Kara Zimmerman (att), Courtney Hackett (def), Jessica Kerr (att) and Christina Muir (def); freshman Erica Knutson (att).

Coach's outlook: "The good thing about our team is that most of our returners are starters, and allof them have been playing well together. We're very solid all-around, offensively and defensively. If we have one weak point, it would beour transition game. As far as the playoffs go, it's a little too early to make that call, but if we play as well as we're capable of playing, we'll be very hard to stop."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Narrowly missing postseason action last spring, the Panthers shouldbe hungry for a bid this season. Other county powers should be wary of this bunch come May.


Head coach: Del Hughes (first season).

Assistant coaches: Mimsy Molter and Michelle Davis.

1991 record: 1-11.

Returnees: Seniors Lori Raymon (att), Lisa Shives (mid), Sandy Kopman (att), Stacey Davis (mid) and Heather Matuschek (def); juniors Sue Khamvongsa (mid), Jen Gos (def) and Emily Feld (att).

Newcomers: Sophomore Jen Retzer (mid), Connie Fink (G) and Kelly Vigilone (att).

Coach's outlook: "So far, it's been kind of tough in the early going, but I think as the season progresses, we'llbegin to jell. I think the kids are adapting well to our new coaching staff, and they have a great work attitude. Everyone works together, and they don't depend on just one person. There hasn't been much offense. Our best offensive output after a couple of scrimmages and ourfirst game was two goals, and our defense is very young, but they'recoming along slowly. After our first game (a 19-2 pounding at the hands of St. Mary's on Friday), we were disappointed, but the girls didn't keep their heads down for long. They realize that there is a lot of work to be done."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: This year isn't exactly the year to be a rebuilding team. With the right kind of luck, the Mustangs may be able to eke out one or two wins.


Head coach: Tina Lewnes (fourth season).

Assistant coach: Joann Crause.

1991 record: 10-5.

Returnees: Seniors Lindsey Moreland (def), Christine Manning (def), Virginia Frisch (def), RobinHonan (def), Melissa Wasowski (mid), Julie Dodd (att), Randall Goldsborough (att), Kirsten Bowman (att) and Melissa Reynolds (g); juniorsMerri Kennedy (att) and Renee Kretawski (att).

Newcomers: Senior Susan Keifer (att), juniors Krissy Zurflah (att), Meghan Coakley (att), Katie Seymour (att), Ann Devlin (def) and Missy Holmes (def); sophomores Elizabeth Schaffner (att) and Stephanie Fallon (att).

Coach's outlook: "I think we should fare well. We have a tough schedule, but the kids are working together well. We have a great attack. I think they want to win. We have some speed this year on defense and good speed overall, so that will be key. In the past, we've just had a lotof goals scored on us because we didn't have much speed. We were always playing catching up, and I think that will change this year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: St. Mary's is the cream of the private school crop, but with no league affiliation, the Saints will have nowhere to take their gaudy record in the postseason.


Head coach: Susan Licameli (second season).

Assistant coaches: Ree Connelly and Jo Welch.

1991 record: 4-8.

Returnees: Seniors Patti Bartosiewicz (att), Nicole Morato (def), Cari Cunningham (att), Megan Sharpe (att), Amy Brown (def), Jen Matthews (att) and Kristin Wycoff (att); juniors Amy Lettis (att), Heather Sinclair (def) andTammi Gosheff (mid); sophomores Cecelia Beach (def) and Barb Muller (mid).

Newcomers: Juniors Kathy Brady (g), Kate Lawson (mid), Tee Holmes (def) and Cathy Husuck (def.); sophomores Sara Phillips (g), Leighann Turner (att) and Leslie Knowles (att); freshman Tara Surlis (att).

Coach's outlook: "It takes my team a little while to get themselves going, but once they do, they play very well together. But you have to light a fire under them in order for them to play well. Oneof our biggest problems is that we tend to over-analyze instead of just going out and playing the game. I think my coaching staff will doan excellent job. Ree Connelly is very intelligent and offers lots of knowledge of the game, and Jo Welch brings lots of discipline."

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