Science Project Takes Family To Parallel World

Neighbors/ Glen Burnie

March 25, 1992|By Bonita Formwalt

Part of it is in the kitchen. There's a piece or two in the living room. And the bulk of it is spread throughout the dining room.

Whatbegan as a casual suggestion has manifested itself in my home as "The Science Fair Project from a Parallel Universe Where Nothing Works."

It's March and it's science fair time in Glen Burnie.

Perhaps I could be more positive about the project if it had been successful or even semi-successful. But after numerous hours of trying to impress my son with the wonders of science, all we had were seven test tubes full of . . . well, juice.

None of it changing colors in the appropriate chemical reaction that would determine vitamin C content as suggested by the instructions in the book, "Science Can Be Fun."

We sat there, starring at the test tube, waiting. We poked at it with a cake-tester stick. We added everything but Liquid Tide. At one point I considered adding food color to get the desired results, but thenmy child gave me that "Excuse me, aren't you my role model?" look.

The result of this foray into the world of science is that we did learn a few things:

* Grape juice will stain your carpet and nothing takes it out -- ever;

* Given a choice between doing this again and do-it-yourself dental work, I will take the latter every time;

* No matter how much work you put into a science project, your childwill be happy only if the end product is a volcano.

And the most important lesson we learned this week: the vitamin C content of the different fruit juices is listed on the can.

Drink up, Glen Burnie.


When Dawn Dudley left for work on Nov. 12, she couldn't haverealized that it would be six months or more before she would returnhome.

A traffic accident on Aviation Boulevard by the Baltimore-Washington International Airport resulted in injuries including a broken neck, head trauma, a lacerated liver and damage to the Glen Burnieresident's collarbone and hand. She endured extensive stays at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center and Maryland General Hospital's rehabilitation unit.

Now the 25-year-old single mother of two sons is facedwith mounting medical debts that have exhausted her insurance coverage.

"She'll be in rehab at Maryland General at least another two months. She's not yet able to walk, she just started to eat," said JoeZindorf, Dawn's father. "They're training her for a walker, trying to get her to walk. And she still has to go back to shock trauma for aCAT scan on her neck. It could be at least two to three years beforeshe back to normal."

Zindorf says his daughter's medical insurance through her company provides up to $75,000 of coverage for her and her children over her lifetime. Dawn's medical bills are already morethan $200,000.

"I told the girls she worked with to check their coverage because you never know when something like this could happen," said Zindorf.

"Her head injuries were so severe that her memory was shot," said Tim Konig, a friend of the family. "To date, her memory has gotten better but she still has only seen her sons through videotapes."

The boys, Johnny, 6, and Justin, 5, are staying with their father and his wife.

To assist Dudley with her expenses, a medical fund has been established by her friends and family and a dance will be held from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on April 10 at the Elks' Lodge on Quarterfield Road.

Tickets are $12 each, and include beer, set-ups,snacks and dancing to Top 40 music by deejays Tim Konig and Joe Connell.

For ticket information call Konig, 360-9057 or Ann Hayes, 647-5670.


It's going to take a lot of pizza to help send the fifth-grade class of Glen Burnie Park Elementary School on their way to Williamsburg, Va., but the students think their community is up to the challenge.

To help offset the cost of their annual trip, the class is conducting a pizza dinner, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday in theschool's multi-purpose room, 500 Marlboro Road.

Pizza can be bought by the slice for $1, a whole 12-inch cheese pizza for $3.25 or with pepperoni for $4.

In addition to the dinner, the students will offer musical entertainment for their guests.

Wanda Harding, Barbara Lawton and Margie Schmitt have been working diligently with 27 students on several song and dance acts, including a salute to the '50s.

Other entertainment includes music by Carroll Wheatly, a custodianat Glen Burnie Park, who will lead a group of the children in a gospel song.

Jeff Thompson, assistant pastor of Glen Burnie Methodist Church, will join Wheatly and his choir on the piano and later in theevening offer a few jazz numbers of his own.

For additional information on the pizza dinner, call Lawton, 766-7676.


Temple Baptist Church will celebrate a quarter-century serving the Glen Burnie community at an anniversary service this Sunday.

Members of the congregation will participate in a special 11 a.m. service, said Rev. Ray Newman, pastor at Temple Baptist.

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