Resist House Bill 714

Readers write

March 25, 1992

From: Bob Schaeffer

Anne Arundel Taxpayers Association

Every voter and citizen of Anne Arundel County should be scared to death of a bill which has snuck into the legislature in Annapolis which will strip them of their right to participate in their own government.

House Bill 714 has already reached the floor of the House after two successful readings. It will require citizens to obtain 20 percent of the registered voters of any county on any petition to amend the charter. That simply means, in Anne Arundel County, that almost40,000 signatures would be required to place any measure, including tax measures, on the Anne Arundel ballot.

In 1990, the Taxpayers Association placed the tax cap on the ballot with 10,000 signatures, and received a 48 percent vote from the electorate. Now sneaky legislators are trying to ensure that they won't have to face the voter on tax issues ever again.

In ancient Rome, a bundle of birch rods tiedaround the handle of an ax was called a fasces and was the symbol ofabsolute authority by the state.

In the 1930s and '40s, this symbol stood for the Fascist government of Mussolini, and became hated asthe brutal, crushing symbol of state power. Fascism began with simple measures like House Bill 714.

Power-hungry legislators want onlyto deny the citizens the right to participate in their own government. They don't want to be told by us how to run this government, particularly when it comes to how to spend our own money.

We must stop them. We all must recognize anti-democratic moves when they come to the light, as House Bill 714 has done.

The Maryland Taxpayers Association and the Anne Arundel Taxpayers Association, supported on this issue by the Maryland Rifle and Pistol Association and the Family Protection Lobby, urges all Anne Arundel citizens to call their delegates and ask them how they feel about voting for this pro-fascist measure.

In North County, call Cadden, Huff, and Kolodziejski at 841-3217. Call Scanello and Sulin at 841-3233, Athey at 841-3469. Call Gary,Perry and Smith at 841-3223. Call Busch and Bisset at 3211 and Astleat 3209.

Tell these delegates and the senators as well that you and the Taxpayers Association are watching the individual vote on Bill714. The Taxpayers Association will publish the names, and plainly brand them as pro-Fascism, of all county delegates or senators who vote in favor of stripping the citizens of their right to determine their own government. We will see to it that this vote will be an issue in 1994.

Wake up, citizens. Don't sit there. Pick up the phone. Anddon't let them lie to you anymore.

You stand to lose your freedomto decide your own affairs. Don't believe it can't happen here. That's what everyone always thinks while the politicians plot and scheme to take more and more away from you. The Taxpayers Association is fighting hard for the ordinary citizens of Anne Arundel, but you have tohelp us help you. Make the call!


From: Maury Chaput


Here we go again. Eighteen months ago, a small band of anti-East-West Boulevard types insisted upon making the 1990 elections a referendum of the support for the roadway.

In no uncertain terms, they had their collective hats handed to them. Our elected officials were given a mandate to complete the project. Nowthey feign shock at the announcement that the will of the people will in fact be honored -- the road will be extended to Veterans Highwayin the near future.

The county government is moving forward to build a two-lane-wide county road, a road design that is identical to the portion of East-West Boulevard that was built by the developer of Shipley's Choice years ago. A road design these people have publicly stated that they would support (of course, six months ago they were also saying they wanted to be redistricted out of the 5th District until the people they purport to represent howled in protest). Doesn't it make you wonder what their real agenda is?

Editor's note: The writer was the campaign manager for Councilwoman Diane Evans' campaign and served on the board of the Shipley's Choice Community Associationuntil 1990.

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