2 Teens Arrested On Drug Charges

Police beat

March 25, 1992

County police have charged two men with possession of marijuana after searching a car in Lothian Monday.

Robert James Barrett, 19, of the 500 block of Herring Avenue in Dunkirk, and Keith William Trader,18, of the 1200 block of Ellicott Avenue in Churchton, also were charged with possession of paraphernalia and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Officers said they found an abandoned car in the 1100 block of Cottonwood Drive at midnight and saw a pipe in the front seat.

Two men walked up to the officers and said they had been in the car. One of them told the officers that he was holding the marijuana for someone he did not know, police said.

Police said the other man admittedto using some of the marijuana but said he did not know how much wasin the car.

Police said they confiscated two ounces of marijuana,some knives and the pipe.


Annapolis police arrested a 29-year-old woman Monday morning after she allegedly told a friend she was heading to O'Bery Court to kill another woman, police said.

Juanita Marie Johns, of the 1300 block ofTyler Avenue, was charged with possessing a sawed-off shotgun and concealing a deadly weapon, police said.

A neighbor called police at11:10 a.m. to report that the woman was in her car with the sawed-off shotgun, vowing to kill the other woman, who lived in the 100 blockof O'Bery Court. All police on patrol were alerted, and an officer tracked the car from O'Bery Court to West and Lafayette streets.

Police said they stopped Johns at the corner, searched her car and found the gun under a black leather jacket.


An Annapolis man told police that a neighbor threw dog feces on his front door after his dog defecated on the woman's lawn Monday.

Police said the woman told the man to clean up the feces from her lawn on Bay Drive. He refused and kept walking.

When the man arrived home a short time later, he found feces splattered on his front door.

No charges were placed in the incident.

Glen Burnie:

100 block of Cedarcliff Court: March 22, entry gained through the door. Money taken. Total loss: $1,000.

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