The Silver Cord Is Broken, the Golden Bowl Is Loose TALES of OYSTERBACK


March 25, 1992|By HELEN CHAPPELL

OYSTERBACK,MARYLAND. — Social Notes from Mrs. Carlotta Hackett in The Bugeye:

. . . Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Rainbird were guests of Captain and Mrs. Lennie Skinner at their rental cottage in Ocean City last week. ''Old timers'' will remember Mrs. Rainbird as the former Juanita Bugg, 1961 DelMarVa Poultry Princess.

. . . Sudie Fairbank and Imogene Redmond were guests of their sister LaVerna Stainwick in Pittsville last Tuesday for a Re-Vele Lingerie Shower in honor of their niece Tiffany,who is marrying Ray Bob Whortley, the self-employed waterman in February.

. . . Alonzo Deaver is resting quietly at home after spending four to six months at the Wicomico Detention Center. Those who wish to visit or recover their stolen workboat engine parts are invited to call in the evenings.

. . . Ferrus T. Bucket has announced that he has found Jesus.

. . . Mr. and Mrs. Dink Crimble recently attended a performance of ''Waiting for Godot'' at the college over to Salisbury,where their daughter Kimberley played the part of Emmett Kelly.

. . . Maretta Blodgett's visit to her sister Ida in Smith Island was cut short when she was operated on for a nine-pound tumor in the shape of Richard Nixon. Maretta and the tumor will appear in next week's National Enquirer beside the picture of Willie Kennedy Smith on page 3, she says.

. . . Hooley Legume,Oysterback's favorite hometown major-league player is hiding out at his mother's house on Log Cabin Point road following a haircut from Pete Rose's barber.

. . . The silver cord is broken, the golden bowl is loose as friends of Haney Speck are invited to call at Dreedle's Funeral Parlor on Wednesday night for a last look at the well-known champion muskrat skinner. Parsons Dreedle wants the mourners to know that a large supply of winter squash are still available after the viewing.

. . . ''Snowbirds'' Huffner Tutweiler and his companion Margaret whom he met on the bus to Atlantic City last summer, stopped by Huffner's daughter LeeAnne's on their way to the Silver Threads Senior Mobile Home Park in Homosassa Springs, Florida. Margaret brought LeeAnne a bread-and-butter present of a garlic-Velveeta cheeseball.

. . . The incident involving Junior Redmond and the ''early birds'' at Doreen's yard sale last Saturday morning at 5 a.m. has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, Doreen says. She also says she managed to make $48.67 in spite of the bloodstains.

. . . Sheriff and Mrs. Wesley Briscoe celebrated their 37th anniversary with the oyster special at the Blue Crab. Dinette Briscoe says the money tree will help her get some new bathroom curtains from Montgomery Ward's.

. . . Senator and Mrs. Orville Orvall were guests of Captain and Mrs. Lennie Skinner at their rental cottage in Ocean City last weekend.

. . . Elmo Tidywell and Logene Fox were guests of their neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Tug Farley when Elmo accidentally set fire to the wall-to-wall shag carpet in the den while reloading his own shotgun shells during a Bullets game on Monday night. Other special guests included the Oysterback and Wallopsville V.F.D.'s.

. . . Reverend Claude Crouch, the traveling Crusader, launched a Come to Jesus and Oyster Breakfast at the Church of the Holy Fire last Sunday with the Bodine Family, the popular gospel-singing snake handlers, who drew a big crowd of the morbidly curious as well as Miss Jean Fitts from Animal Control. Hudson Swann reports that he is doing fine and he never knew that black snakes could bite.

. . . Helga and Poot Wallop were guests of Captain and Mrs. Lennie Skinner at their rental cottage in Ocean City early this week.

0 Helen Chappell is an Eastern Shore novelist.

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