'Batman'products include a corn tortilla chip

March 25, 1992|By Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO -- You've heard of potato chips? Microchips? Poker chips? Blue chips? Even cow chips?

Now, compliments of a Los Angeles toy company called Street Kids and just in time for the "Batman" movie sequel, we will have Bat Chips, a corn tortilla chip in the shape of the caped crusader.

The chips will be the first in a wave of licensed products that are set to debut with the movie "Batman Returns," which premieres June 19. The Warner Brothers movie stars Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito.

As many as 100 licensed products, including black Batman french fry containers to be used by McDonald's Restaurants, will go on sale when the movie opens.

The bat chips are the latest in a wave of offbeat ideas offered by the privately held toy company founded in 1971 by David Siegel.

"They kind of blew Warner Brothers away a little bit," Mr. Siegel said yesterday about the day he presented the chips to the movie studio's licensed product committee. "No one had ever asked for that category."

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