On Target

March 24, 1992

What's this? A government project without cost overruns? A $100 million piece of complex engineering and architectural design finished on time?

Welcome to the stunningly beautiful Oriole Park at Camden Yards, an undertaking that critics claimed would be a drain on the public treasury. How wrong they were. Three years ago, the Maryland Stadium Authority told legislators the new stadium would be ready in April 1992 at a price of $105.4 million. The gates will indeed open April 6. The final cost: $106.5 million, a difference one critic calls "statistically insignificant."

Careful planning played a large role in the stadium authority's accurate predictions. So did the recession, which kept construction costs down. Mother Nature helped with three mild winters.

The stadium authority deserves a pat on the back from taxpayers. Here's one government panel that takes its obligations seriously. It is giving us a top-quality baseball stadium -- already the envy of other cities -- for the promised price. That's a home run in any league.

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