George Delerue, Oscar-winning French composer who wrote...

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March 23, 1992

George Delerue, Oscar-winning French composer who wrote soundtracks for "Day of the Jackal" and other movies, died Friday in Los Angeles. The composer, who was 67, captured an Academy Award in 1979 for best original soundtrack for "A Little Romance," and won praise for his work on Oliver Stone's "Platoon" in 1986. Mr. Delerue was nominated for three other best-original-score Oscars: "Anne of a Thousand Days" in 1969, "The Day of the Dolphin" in 1973 and "Julia" in 1977.

Lettie Gay Carson, who fought to save railroad service Pennsylvania, died Wednesday in Newtown, Pa. She was 91. From 1927 until 1933, she was director of the Home Institute of the New York Herald Tribune. In Newtown, Mrs. Carson organized a group to preserve rail service in and around Philadelphia.

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