Dear Stadium Doctor:Will they serve kosher hot dogs or...

Stadium Doctor

March 22, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

Will they serve kosher hot dogs or non-kosher hot dogs at Camden Yards?

Ben Harris, age 8


Dear Ben:

The first thing I want to say to you is that you are a good speller and that your penmanship is excellent.

The second thing is, always eat a green vegetable with your hot dog. I recommend relish.

As for your question, I am sorry to say that kosher hot dogs will not be available at the new ballpark, nor will there be a kosher food stand. Jay Boyle, ARA general manager, did say he'd like to offer a kosher menu and would be interested in talking to vendors who would sell these foods from movable carts.

Dear Stadium Doctor:

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of the pipelines being installed for the selling of draft beer.

My questions are: What happens to the beer that's left in the lines when they stop selling that day or night? The beer that's left in the line would become flat.

Then I'd like to know what they do when the homestand ends and the team goes on the road for a week or two. Do they clean and flush out the lines to keep them in shape for the next homestand?

John Mack


Dear John Mack:

I don't know a lot about beer, but, like you, I am intrigued by this beer pipeline thing. I have been wondering if this system could be adapted for delivery of vegetarian chili.

Anyway, you shouldn't worry about the beer going flat or stale or anything like that. Between games of a homestand, it will remain in the tubes, where the beer will be chilled to 38 to 39 degrees. At that temperature, it will not go flat.

When the Orioles are on the road, it's a different story. The lines will be flushed with a special beer cleaner -- I don't make this stuff up -- that rids the lines of yeast deposits.

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