Not enough Blast coverageI feel the Blast deserves more...


March 22, 1992

Not enough Blast coverage

I feel the Blast deserves more coverage. The Sun acts like indoor soccer isn't even a sport. But many fans love our indoor soccer team and feel the Blast deserves more coverage than it is getting.

Kelly Bishop


Dempsey booster

Jim Henneman's article on Rick Dempsey on March 1 was very heartwarming and true in every word written about this fine gentleman.

I met Rick in a restaurant approximately 10 years ago, and he is a wonderful guy. Since that time I have run into him on the street or in restaurants, and he is still the same friendly person that I met 10 years ago.

I just wanted to take this time to say thanks for relaying to everyone what a wonderful person that Dempsey is and hope that he makes the team for the 1992 season.

DTC Debi Fowler


Skaters have emotions

I would like to respond to Alice Anderson's letter in The Sun on March 1.

She believes that a Japanese, German or Norwegian skater would not be affected by the death of a sister. Does she think these skaters are not human beings with emotions?

I wonder if she would be able to work immediately after hearing of her sister's death. I am not making an excuse for Dan Jansen's performance in the 1992 Olympics, but most of the world understood what happened to him in Calgary in 1988.

Eric Smith


Too much back-patting

Why does a professional player who has played his position have to be applauded by other players for playing his position as he is paid to play it? The patting, high-fiving and hugging occurs after almost every play by all professionals, and it is spoiling the games. Please, you guys, grow up.

Dorothy J. Ritchey


Holyfield's mismatches

Is Evander at razor's edge? Yes, Holyfield is on any edge when he has to fight the worst that the heavyweight division has to offer. By all rights, Razor Ruddock earned the shot to fight Holyfield. Given Mike Tyson's situation, Ruddock should be the next in line. Instead, Holyfield is going to fight Larry Holmes.

I'm sick and tired of the Duvas promoting these mismatches as the biggest fights ever.

Why don't these people be honest and say that for $35 you can see Evander Holyfield fight any sanitation worker or interior decorator of your choice? Bob Arum would never mismatch fights like this.

Disregard the Holyfield-Holmes fight in June for two true heavyweights in July, Riddick Bowe vs. Razor Ruddock.

Mike Tuminello


Ripken should be highest-paid

I'd like to know why they are having a problem with what kind of salary to pay Cal Ripken.

The Orioles have the greatest shortstop of all time; not one of the best, the best.

He excels from being the best defensive player to offensive baseball player. Also he has never missed playing a game.

He should also be the highest-paid baseball player in the country.

Tony Silvana


Dunbar looks like a lock

And the MPSSAA Class 1A winner for 1993 is Dunbar. For 1994-Dunbar, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00. That's what you would have if Dunbar and the other Baltimore public high schools were admitted into the MPSSAA. Dunbar would win it every year from here to eternity. Even at Class 4A.

Dunbar doesn't even want it, and neither do most other people, I believe.

Jeff Volmer Marriotsville

Support Boogie's effort

It would seem to me that we should all be thankful for the interest that Leonard "Boogie" Weinglass has in bringing football back to Baltimore, rather than rattling each shadow of a skeleton that hangs in his closet. He has made the tremendous effort necessary to woo the NFL elite, both with his time, monetary support and influence among other business powers to give us our best chance in many years to regain an NFL team.

I find it distressing that his background of many years ago should even be taken into consideration. Look at what the man has done. He has built a business empire with hard work and business savvy! He is willing to give back something that he and many of his home-towners are sorely missing, an NFL team.

I hope the NFL looks at the positive side of Weinglass' accomplishments and realizes that this gentleman did it the hard way, the way that Americans used to be proud of.

Being female and too young, I did not "hang out" at the now-famous Hilltop Diner. But in the northwest part of town, we all knew of the guys that hung out there back in the late '50s and '60s. As an avid Colts fan in my childhood, I have missed our Colts as much as anyone and still bristle at the surreptitious and underhanded way that our team was taken from us. For the first time, I see some hope in the obviously competent hands of this aging group of diner guys. They grew up here. They all love Baltimore.

I would bet the farm that this terrific group of business leaders will never let Baltimore down, nor steal our team from our midst.

Rona A. Weiner

Owings Mills

All-American girl

I am so upset I can't see straight. I was watching television a few days ago and the subject was the lack of marketability of gold-medal winner Kristi Yamaguchi. It seems that her ancestry will be held against her in the world of big business. According to this person, she does not have what Americans are looking for in their spokeswoman. Because of her heritage and the bashing Japan has been receiving, this guy thinks Kristi will not help the "buy American" idea.

How many times did she get up at 5 o'clock in the morning? How much of her life did she give to practice for her country, America? Tell me, how many got a lump in his throat as she stood atop the victor's stand and "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played?

Kristi Yamaguchi is a marketing dream. Let us hope American businesses have enough sense to embrace one of their own.

John W. Littman

Forest Hill

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