Police Charge Three Men In Separate Drug Arrests

Columbia Teen And 2jessup Men Accused

March 22, 1992|By Lan Nguyen | Lan Nguyen,Staff writer

Police arrested three men in separate drug busts last week -- most recently, at a Columbia high school, where a teen-ager was arrested for allegedly attempting to sell LSD he obtained at a rock concert.

Police arrested 19-year-old Michael A. Saukas Friday morning at Oakland Mills High School and charged him with possession of LSD with intent to distribute in a drug-free school zone and possession of LSD.

Police also charged Saukas, of the 9200 block of Sealed Message Way, with felony theft after police found in his car a mobile phone that had been reported stolen days earlier.

Sgt. Gary L. Gardner, spokesman, said police received an anonymous tip that someone was goingto sell LSD at the school. Gardner said police set up surveillance in the school parking lot and approached Saukas when he arrived.

Saukas, who does not attend the school, consented to a search of his car, where police found 16 doses of LSD under a mat in the driver seat,the car phone and $100 in cash, police say.

Gardner said Saukas told police he obtained the LSD after he attended a Grateful Dead concert.

In another drug bust, police arrested a 27-year-old Jessup man Thursday night and charged him with selling crack cocaine at his Orchard Landing apartment.

Police say they found three large "rocks"of crack cocaine, several hundred small plastic bags used for packaging the drug, a small scale and $1,000 in cash in Gerald Q. Purnell'sapartment at the 9900 block of Guilford Road. Police also found weapons, among them a semi-automatic handgun and a pistol-grip shotgun.

Police charged Purnell with possession of a controlled deadly substance and possession of crack cocaine. Police also took his 1985 Volvofor forfeiture.

Gardner said police obtained a search warrant to arrest Purnell after staking out the house and receiving calls from neighbors who complained of drug activity inside the apartment.

In an unrelated incident, police arrested a 39-year-old Jessup man Tuesday night on drug and gun charges.

Police found Oscar D. Webb, of the 3400 block of Windsor Boulevard, in his car at 10:15 p.m. outside the 999 Tavern on Route 1 in Jessup and asked him for identification.After Webb gave the officer his identification, the officer said he noticed a bag of marijuana in a compartment of the car and placed himunder arrest.

Police say they searched him and found 16 packets of cocaine. Police also say they found a loaded .22-caliber handgun under the driver's seat and 10 small packages of cocaine as well as a small scale in the car.

Police charged Webb with possession of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute and a handgun violation.

Gardner said police routinely patrol parking lots outside of bars toinvestigate suspicious activities.

"We know that drug activities and unlawful drinking go on in parking lots outside of bars," he said. "We always make checks. Most people, if they're going to a bar, they're going to get out of their car when they park."

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