With 300 Behind Him, Bowler Sets Sites On 800 Series


March 22, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

Bill Chapman continues his rapid advance into the ranks of county's top bowlers.

Bill Chapman has been bowling tenpins for only four years and has raised his average to 203.

On March 10, in the Tuesday Mixed League at County Lanes in Westminster, Chapman fired what he called "12 great shots."

"Only in the third frame was the hit a little light," he said.

That was the first 300 game for the Westminster right-hander. It followed games of 181 and 209, for a 697 series.

Ironically, a few nights earlier, Chapman had rolled games of 278 and 222; a 300 then would have given him an 800 set.

In a previous interview, Chuck Ludwig said it best:"Bill is an exceptional bowler. Despite a back problem, which he ignores, he remains a dedicated bowler. It's remarkable how much he has advanced in a short time."

What's Chapman's next goal?

"Eight hundred. That's my next goal," he said. "I want that 800 series, bad."

How tough was it to throw the first 300 game of his career?

"Anybody who says he's not nervous when he has a shot at 300 game has got to be lying," the owner of Applecorp Builders said. "I just wantedmy legs to hold out long enough for me to throw that last ball. Theydid, barely, and I crushed the pins for the 300."


Carroll bowlers have rolled some fine duckpin scores in recent weeks.

Marty Meyer shot a 219 game, Brett Welsh had five strikes in a row as a base for a 211 game and a 521 series and Terry Stonesifer had a 201 and a 523 set.

Marty Meyer, a native of Provo, Utah, and a longtime resident of Sykesville, bowls three duckpin leagues: Wednesday Men's Major at Mount Airy Lanes and Sunday and Friday nights at Thunderhead Lanes in Westminster.

It was the Sunday Night Mixed that saw Meyer blast the pins for his career-high 219 game. The first game of 141 and the last game of 127 gave him a 487 series, close to his career high set of 496. And very close to that elusive 500 series.

Meyer andhis wife Patti, a 105 average bowler, enjoy duckpin bowling. Marty has been bowling for about nine years and says, "Good or bad games, itdoesn't matter, bowling is just a lot of fun."

Yeah, but it's a lot more fun when the scores are high.


The tenpin bowlers at Westminster Thunderhead didn't do so bad, either.

Jeff Bonner, bowling in the Monday Commercial League, just missed a 700 set with a fine 667 effort.

George Smith, in the same league, didn't throw any extremely high games, but he threw a 170 three times in a row for triple


You can bowl all your life and not have three games on the same night that are exactly the same. And the 510 series isn't bad, either.


Thunderhead Taneytown kicked in a duckpin doubles tournament last weekend.

It will continue until April 12 and hasa first prize of $500.

The tournament starts at 10 Sunday morningand continues until closing. Walk-in entries are welcome.

Information: 751-1750.cf,gereg,7.4,7.7


March 21-22

* Ladies All Star Classic, Fair Lanes Southwest, Linthicum, Anne Arundel County; one the top duckpin tournaments for the women; first prize is $2,000.

March 28-29

* NABI tournament, Fair Lanes Clinton, Prince George's County; guaranteed first prize of $1,000. Information: (410) 868-6660.

* Amateur Duckpin Tour stop, Fair Lanes Middlesex, Baltimore County. Information: (410) 426-0440.


* Doubles tournament at Thunderhead Lanes, Taneytown; 10 a.m. until closing, Sundays until April 12. Information: 751-1750.

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