Trooper Bill Is Rejected

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March 22, 1992

ANNAPOLIS — The House Ways and Means Committee defeated a bill, 15-7, that wouldhave required local jurisdictions to pay for 100 percent of the resident trooper program, rather than its usual 75 percent.

The state normally picks up 25 percent of the costs, but with cuts this year, its contribution is down to about 13 percent.

Carroll is the main beneficiary of the program, employing 44 of the 66 resident troopers as its primary law enforcement branch.

Thecounty would have to pay an additional $592,000 if the state did notcontribute 25 percent.

Del. Richard N. Dixon, a Carroll Democrat who serves on a law enforcement subcommittee, said it is doubtful that the state will contribute to the program in fiscal 1993, even though the statute won't be changed.

He said the money can be cut as part of the budget process.



WESTMINSTER -- A New Windsor driver whose car struck a car waitingto turn left at routes 140 and 31 on March 7 died Wednesday from injuries suffered in the accident.

John Frederick Miller, 77, died atthe Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where he was taken after the crash.

The accident, which took place in the rain about 11:30 a.m., wascaused when Miller's car struck a car driven by Robert J. Gavin, whowas waiting to turn left.

Eva Blanche Miller, the victim's wife, was released after being treated at Carroll County General Hospital. Gavin also was treated and released.



WESTMINSTER -- Westminster Police Wednesday arrested three 15-year-old female juveniles and charged them with setting three fires in Westminster High School over a two-week period.

Deputy Fire Marshal Robert A. Thomas, Jr. said fire investigators were able to identify the girls with information from students and teachers at their high school.

The fires were set in the second-floor girls'restroom on Feb. 25, March 5 and March 6, Thomas said.

In each case, paper towels and toilet paper were set ablaze.

Teachers dousedthe fires with water or fire extinguishers.

Westminster firefighters came on March 5 to remove smoke from the school.

There were noinjuries in any of the incidents.

The three were referred to Juvenile Services and released to the custody of their parents.



WESTMINSTER -- A resident of northern Virginia who was stopped for running two stop signs here found himself in jail Friday on drug possession and motor vehicle charges.

Abel Esparza, 25, of Arlington was being held in Carroll County Detention Center after failing to post a $10,000 bail.

Westminster police said Esparza was stopped after he ran two successive stop signs in the city.

When his driver's license was checked, police found that it was suspended.

They said they discovered that the license plates on the car belonged to another vehicle.

Police say they frisked the driver and found a small bag containing a small amount of crack cocaine in his pocket.

In the course of searching his car, police say, they also found a brass pipe, which they said was used to smoke marijuana.

Esparza is facing charges of possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license, failure to obey stop signs, and using plates registered to another vehicle.


DATELINE: Westminster

WESTMINSTER -- Westminster police arrested a Comfort Inn patron about two weeks afterhe allegedly destroyed property in his room and then left without paying his hotel bill or for the repairs to the damage he caused.

Lacey D. Rudd was arrested on March 18 and charged with about $282.86 in malicious destruction.

He was released after posting a $4,000 bond.

Police had been called by the hotel management early March 3 after reports of a fight in a room.

Rudd, according to the police, opened the door and allowed an officer to enter the room.

The officer noticed that the telephone, a brass lamp and the door to the room's Jacuzzi were damaged.

Rudd allegedly assured the policeman thathe would pay for the repairs to the room.

About five hours later,the hotel called again to report that Rudd had left without paying for the room or the damage.

Police were told that he left by the window.



WESTMINSTER -- A one-alarm fire at Marada Industries left about $8,000 in damage to the company's plant on Airport Drive Monday, the State Fire Marshal's Office reported.

The fire started in the smoke removal system on the company's welding line.

Fire officials said it was the third fire in the smoke removal system in the past nine months.

There were about about 20 employees in the building at the time of the fire, and none was injured.

Marada makes auto parts for the GM assembly plantin Baltimore.

Approximately 45 fire fighters from Westminster, Pleasant Valley, Reese and Adams County, Pa., responded to the fire, which began at about 10:30 p.m.



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