Old Obligations Snatch Man From New Life In Philadelphia

March 22, 1992|By Darren M. Allen | Darren M. Allen,Staff writer

Two years ago, Michael Glover was a highly paid executive in the automotive industry, happily married and living in a comfortable five-bedroom house in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Today, the 42-year-old isbroke, divorced for the third time and living in a room at the Carroll County Detention Center.

Glover, who was about to make an appearance on the state's list of the 10 most wanted child support evaders, turned himself in to sheriff's deputies March 11 after being arrested nine days earlier in Pennsylvania.

The father of Sherree Brown's three sons, Glover had fallen almost $12,000 behind in support payments.

Brown and Glover were married for 12 years, divorcing in 1985.

Since then, the two have battled -- in the courts, at each other's homes and over the telephone -- over their sons, who range in age from 11 to 16.

"For thelast seven years, it's been pure hell for me," Glover said last weekfrom his cell. "Every time I tried to go about my business, they would drag me into court."

He remarried and moved from the Baltimore area to Phoenixville, Pa., with his sons. He, his new wife Elizabeth,his sons and her daughter were settling into what Glover described as a nice life.

But the nice life, he said last week, was frequently punctuated by threats, lawsuits, criminal complaints and manipulation.

"I met Elizabeth, fell in love and things were really good," he said. "I would really just like to have my life with Liz back. It'sa shame we had to split because of all of this."

Even though court records show that he had an annual income of more than $70,000 as recently as 1989, he admits that he never paid child support to his ex-wife Sherree, who has been married to Michael Brown for three years.

Glover was ordered by Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. to make monthly payments of $725.97 to Brown after she gained custody of her twooldest sons in 1989. To date, he has paid $450 of the court-ordered support.

"I'm not paying support because of all the things she's done to me," he said. "She has lodged abuse complaints, child abuse complaints and all kinds of allegations against us. She's harassed us."

Sherree says she was aggressive, and that, sometimes, things may have gotten out of hand.

"There have been some times that I've probably done some things that provoked him," she said last week. "But he never paid, he disobeyed a court order, and he used the children. If he wants to get back at me, fine, but I don't want the children in the middle."

On Wednesday, Sherree went to court to gain custody of her youngest boy, who was living with Glover's parents in Pikesville. Glover, through Westminster attorney Stephen P. Bourexis, filed a petition to transfer custody to the grandparents. Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold denied the petition, and the boy is now living with his mother in Westminster.

Glover said he is angry with the way the system is treating him. He was defiant at a bail review hearing in front of Arnold, in which he refused to answer the judge's questions about where he was living and spending time.

"How was I supposed to answer those questions?" he said. "I haven't lived anywhere but in my van, and I would catch showers whenever I could. I was living on the street."

Glover is awaiting trial on the misdemeanor non-support charges. He was denied bail.

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