Carter For Superintendent

Readers write

March 22, 1992

From: Richard N. Hambleton


Only one person is worthy of consideration to become superintendent of the Anne Arundel County public school system, and that is the acting (career deputy) superintendent, Mr. C. Berry Carter II.

I have known and observed Mr. Carter during his career of over 30 years. No one knows as much about the county school system as Mr. Carter. His background, his high degree of intelligence and his ability to dealwell with children and adults alike mandate his selection.

When Mr. Anderson retired as chief deputy, Carter became acting superintendent until Mr. Rice was installed. After one four-year term of Mr. Rice, Mr. Carter again became acting superintendent after Rice's successor, Lorton, who also served only four years.

This disgraceful situation was allowed by the school board, as composed then and now, withabsolutely no excuse.

It may be that Mr. Carter did not, as a point of personal pride, apply for the job. No matter, your duty was andis clear to appoint him.

Again, the board will spend money in a nationwide search, needlessly.

Again, the board will ensure a long and awkward transition period.

Again, the board will install a stranger to our school system who will then immediately be captive to the very few people he or she can effectively deal with during the course of each day.

This is monstrous. if you think Mr. Carter is not fit to take the job after his many years in the system (and lately aschief deputy), then you are remiss if you do not withhold a portion of Anderson's, Rice's, and Lorton's pay for failure on their part to do what any executive is expected to do: groom a successor fully capable of taking over the duties.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking of looking anywhere else for the new superintendent than C. Berry Carter II.

Editor's note: The above letter was addressed to Jo Tollenger, president of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education.


From: Vincent O. Leggett

Donald Aronson


African American-Jewish Coalition ofAnne Arundel County

Newspapers reported on Feb. 23 that the Ku Klux Klan had formed a chapter in Anne Arundel County and plans were afoot to form a second chapter this summer.

The Ku Klux Klan is a racist, terrorist organization that has a long-documented history of racial, ethnic and religious intolerance. It is our hope that you will use your editorial resources to expose this organization and its methods and goals to this community.

Bigotry is subtle and pervasive, and we are particularly concerned that our youth not be tainted by the message of intolerance which unfortunately seeks to flourish in economic hard times. Therefore, it becomes even more important that attempts to plant the seeds of community polarization be met by identification and criticism of their existence and their complete isolation.

For bigotry and intolerance, no matter how seemingly widespread, are not some of the all-American ideals that helped to build our wonderful country.

The African American-Jewish Coalition, which was formed for the purpose of combating bigotry and promoting racial and religious harmony, is using this forum to express our strongest condemnation of all manifestations of the Klan.

We call on all leaders in our county, be they elected or appointed, governmental, civic, socialand religious, to take a strong stand of opposition to the Klan.

We have worked too hard for too long to allow a small fringe group toattempt to destroy what we have been able to so far accomplish in bettering race relations.

We are confident that your readership knows the Klan for who they really are and what they are and will not provide them with any support in their efforts to secure a foothold in our county.


From: David K. Guite

Glen Burnie

Go get 'em, Ted! If anybody can help this county get back on its feet, it sure is Ted Sophocleus.

As a resident of Glen Burnie and attorney, I take pleasure in welcoming former County Councilman Ted Sophocleus back into the political ring.

I wish Ted much success at his April 9th fund-raiser at Michael's 8th Avenue.


From: J. P. Jauschregg


Your Dialogue (cartoon),Page 10, Sunday, March 15, Anne Arundel County Sun, "Beer Drinkers Vs. Wine Drinkers" is a complete insult to all beer drinkers.

I do have a sense of humor, but I find the picture humorless and tasteless. You need to learn more about beer drinkers. Also, great beer is as complicated and varied as great wine.


From: Joseph DiNunno


Public school education is a problemof considerable citizen concern. Our schools are turning out too many poorly educated students. Poor results, however, are not so much the failure to provide opportunities for learning, but rather the effects of societal changes in recent decades and the role we are asking our schools to play.

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