Aberdeen Eagles

1992 Boys Lacrosse/outlook At A Glance

March 22, 1992

Coach: Andrew Cassilly, first season.

Assistant: Dave Pelligrino.

Last year's record: 3-8

Starters lost: 8

Top returnees: Gustavo Rodriquez, sr., M; Ondre Hinton, sr., M; Pete D'Amico, jr., M; B.J. Hubbard, jr., M; Mike Ruth, jr., G; Simon Keller, jr., D; Chad Kolb, jr., M; Chris Meyers, jr., A.

Newcomers: Andy D'Amico, fr., M;Tom Eakin, soph., A; Justin Hodges, fr., M; Sean McDonough, fr., A; Desmond Myles, jr., M; Ryan O'Connor, jr., M; Kyle O'Neal, jr., M; Mike Willard, jr., D; Charles Hoffman, jr., D.

Coach's outlook: We're going for more team play this year. Last year, we had a lot of individual talent, but they would run down the field by themselves and throw it at the goal. If we can get them playing together as a team, we're going to have an outstanding team.

Harford County Sun's outlook: Cassilly moves up to the varsity this year, along with much of his1991 JV squad. The Eagles are houng and inexperienced,k but they know Cassilly's system. What little experience the Eagles do have is at midfield. On attack, Cassilly will start a junior, sophomore and freshman, and none has ever played in a varsity game. Ruth moves from attack to goal. Keller anchors a defense that will have trouble shuttingdown the county's top guns. Cassilly expects to improive on last year's record by a game or two. The Eagles still have no recreation feeder system and their JV program is only a year old so Cassilly is building for the future.


Coach: Bruce Riley, third season.

Assistants: Joe Alex, Ed Herbold, Bill Zimmerman.

Last year's record: 4-8.

Starters lost: 9.

Top returnees: Greg Martin, sr., A; Rob Smallwood, sr., M; Corey McLaughlin, sr., M; Rob Frounfelker, sr., M; Matthew Smith, sr., M; James Fairall, sr., D; Justin Alex, sr., D; Brian Hazlett, sr., D.

Newcomers: Bill Marshall, jr., A; Mike Velez, jr., A; Mark Siedl, jr., A; Anthony Kramer, jr., A; Chuck Bell, jr., M; Scott Snyder, jr., M; David Kennedy, jr., M; John Helmer, soph., M; Chris Forbes, soph., M; Matt Dupree, jr., D; Erich Dodson, jr., D; James Reynolds, jr., D; Brett Schiedeman, sr., G.

Coach's outlook: "Offensively, I think we can score some goals. What's going to win it for us is our defense -- how well we can play together and how our transition game comes along."

Harford County Sun's outlook: Last year, the Bobcats were 0-6 before finishing strong. Riley hopes to avoid that kind of start, but with so many starters gone, the Bobcats are not very sure of themselves. Martin, the only starterback, should lead the attack. Early on, the Bobcats may struggle defensively, although their long stick middies look solid. Once the units learn to work together, the Bobcats should have a decent transitiongame. Schiedeman started on the JV two years ago before taking a year off, so he does have some experience and confidence in the goal. The Bobcats could improve on last season's record, but they are still astep away from cracking the top three.


Coach: Carl Greenberg, 12th season.

Assistants: Rocky Rhodes, GeneMarshall.

Last year's record: 13-2, state Class 3A/4A quarterfinalists.

Starters lost: 4.

Top returnees: Andy Wishart, sr., G; Chris Lloyd, sr., A; Brian Moen, sr., A; Corey Lambroff, jr., A; ScottPanowitz, sr., M; Joe Milano, sr., M; Jesse Sostrin, jr., M; Ryan Arist, sr., D; Chuck Heinze, jr., D; Mike Whitehead, sr., D; Ryan Mish,sr., M; Mark Umbarger, sr., M; Joel Fisher, sr., A; Josh Peters, jr., M; Josh Ritz, sr., M; Brian Strasavich, sr., D; Justin Lassahn, jr., D; Jason Parks, soph., D.

Coach's outlook: "We should be pretty competitive. I don't know if we have the leadership qualities, though. We lost some strong leaders, and we don't have anyone who has stepped up yet. That could affect us."

Harford County Sun's outlook: Last year, the Mustangs finished second in the county, and they didn't lose many players. But those who have gone were the team leaders, andGreenberg is having trouble replacing that on-field leadership. Still, the Mustangs have tons of talent here. Back are some top scorers, Lloyd and Moen, and strong defenders, especially Arist, as well as one of the league's top goalies in Wishart. Early on, the Mustangs aren't as consistent as Greenberg would like. They're having trouble withtheir transition game, but that should smooth out through the first few games. Greenberg doesn't think his squad is the team to beat, butmost of the other coaches put the Mustangs in the top two. They expect the county title race to have two front-runners -- C. Milton Wright and Fallston.


Coach: Tom Nelson, first season.

Assistants: Chuck Muir, Bob Pruitt, Paul Russo.

Last year's record: .500.

Starters lost: 6.

Returnees: Kenny Young, sr., A; Tim Beach, jr., M; Barry Amrich, sr., M; Craig Davis, jr., D; Sean Punte, sr., A; Rick Finfera, sr., G; Tim Hughes, jr., D; Ian Morlok, jr., D;Chris Businsky, sr., M; Dave Fitzpatrick, sr., M; Drew Pekula, jr., M; John Finley, sr., M; Tim Bethke, so., M.

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