Aberdeen Eagles

1992 Girls Lacrosse/outlook At A Glance

March 22, 1992

Coach: Ken Zorbach, seventh season.

Assistants: Missie Duncan, Dawn Rathgeber, Patty McLaughlin, Debbie Blackburn.

Last year's record: 5-7.

Starters lost: 8.

Top returnees: Betty Peterson, sr., A; Dawnavan Scott, sr., A; Tricia Knopp, sr., D; Belinda Petry, sr., D; Kyla Rohrs., sr., A; Jen Reynolds, sr., A; AmyMoxey, sr., D; Connie Lawing, sr., G.

Newcomers: Jennifer Burch, soph., D; Aimee Jacoby, soph., D; Becky Mortus, soph., M; Becky Grace, jr., D; Cathy LaRuffa, jr., A; Sarah Loper, jr., A; Katie Magee, jr., D; Tanya Wetherall, jr., A; Jen Rogers, sr., A.

Coach's outlook: "There just isn't a whole lot of depth here. Our inexperience is pretty much over the entire field. We're going to have trouble adjusting to the varsity level."

Harford County Sun's outlook: Zorbach suffered his greatest loss when military transfers claimed both of his goalies. Lawing, a reserve defender, volunteered to fill in and is rapidly improving, but will take a while to get comfortable. The Eagles will have to score a lot of goals to make up for their defensive losses on the field as well. Petry is the only returning starter on deep defense, although Knopp is back at defense wing. On attack, Peterson and Scott are aggressive, but they can't do all the work. Zorbach is hoping that a balanced scoring attack will emerge. The Eagles' passing game is already improving and the transition game is flowing, but Zorbach isn't sure whether that will hold up against the tough competition in the county. The Eagles probably will struggle to reach .500.


Coach: Carol Barker, seventh season.

Assistants: Suzanne Strahorn, Kathy Lewis, Maureen Jones.

Last year's record: 7-4.

Starters lost: 10.

Top returnees: Carly Bivens, sr., M; Jill Schultz, sr., D; Michelle Thomas, sr., M; Shelley Paradise, sr.,A; Kellam Comer, sr., A.

Newcomers: Jen Emig, jr., M; Lisa Thomas, jr., A; Cathy Adams, jr., A; Trish Heater, jr., G; Laura Casey, jr., D; Heather Lloyd, jr., D; Melissa Lloyd, jr., M; Stacy Tytus, sr., D; Jen Jankowski, jr., A; Beth Mack, jr., M; Katie Leavett, jr., M; Kristen Romano, jr., D; Renee Kuhn, jr., M; Lacey Schoenborn, jr., M; Jackie McClure, sr., D.

Coach's outlook: "This is going to be the old rebuilding year. I think my first team will be competitive once we get into the middle of the season. But only three or four of them have varsity experience, and it's a different ballgame (at this level)."

Harford County Sun's outlook: Bivens and Schultz are the only starters back, so Barker is rebuilding everywhere. A huge contingent of juniors up from JV will determine what kind of season the Bobcats have. There is little experience and little depth here, but plenty of potential. Thomas could provide the scoring punch the Bobcats need, but the whole attack needs to be more aggressive going to goal. The Bobcats also need work on passing and catching to prevent costly midfield breakdowns. If they come along quickly, the Bobcats could end up battling for third place.


Coach: Kathy Breymaier, 14th season.

Assistants: Gloria Liedlich, Paul Snyder, Linda MacNeill.

Last year's record: 6-5.

Starters lost: 9.

Topreturnees: Carrie Supik, sr., A; Julie Jakum, jr., A; Debbie Keiser,jr., D; Sara Sloop, sr., G; Jenny Fleming, sr., M; Chrissy Cann, sr., A.

Top newcomers: Amanda McCulloch, jr., M; Amanda Frazier, so.,D; Kristen Schader, so., D; Willa Walldrop, so., D; Jenny Cann, so.,D; Carmen Kinard, jr., D; Kim Dribnack, jr., A; Sara Pokrwika, jr., A; Allison Murphy, jr., A; Kellie Reuschling, jr., M; Julie Smith, jr., D.

Coach's outlook: "We have a very young team. We're just starting over in every part of the game. I think we'll be in decent shapein about a year. We have a lot of potential, and they like to play lacrosse. We just don't have any varsity experience."

Harford County Sun's outlook: It's back to basics for the Mustangs. Breymaier has spent a lot of time working on things like defensive interchanges andoffensive cuts, as well as simple throwing and catching. The Mustangs do have a lot of speed, and they are aggressive going to goal. Thatwon't help much, though, if the transition game breaks down. Sloop is one of the top goalies in the league, so she should help hold the score down. Still, if the defense doesn't come together, even Sloop won't be able to stop everything. Breymaier said the Mustangs would be lucky to win five games. They won't be in as many close games, but with so many rebuilding teams out there, the Mustangs probably won't fall far.


Coach: Sally van Deusen, third season.

Assistants: Joan Portanova, Michelle McGinley, Renda Respess.

Last year's record: 1-11.

Starters lost: 6.

Top returnees: Lisa Fotia, soph., M; Jennifer MacArthur, sr., M; Jennifer Miller, sr., D; Theresa Delgatti, sr., M; Christine Knopp, soph., M; A.J. Poper, soph., A; April Wallace, soph., D; Dawn Simms, sr., D; Jen Wolfe, sr., A.

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