Wilson Clarifies

Readers write

March 22, 1992

From: Jeffrey D. Wilson


Harford County Council

With respect to Carol L. Bowers' article, "Turmoil engulfs Wilson," Harford County Sun, March 15, I offer the following points of clarification.

1. In no way did I purport not to be the County Council president at the now-infamous Board of Education meeting. It was with respect to this that I said, "The worst they can accuse me of is not being clear."

2. In my Nov. 15, 1991, letter to the Public Service Commission, I very clearly indicated that I was writing as president of the council, but that the council hadnot taken a position. It is common -- in fact, a daily occurrence --for individual council members to take positions without respect to the position of the council in toto. Sometimes those positions are even taken contrary to the council position. The specific sentence in question runs: "The County Council of Harford County has taken no corporate position on this issue, and thus I represent myself only in my capacity as the countywide elected president of the council." I don'tthink I could have made it any clearer than that.

3. Bowers wrotethat the Cogen Technologies project "would benefit South Baltimore."My support for Cogen is based in the belief that it would benefit the entire Baltimore region, including Harford County in two ways.

First, Cogen would bring an outside capital infusion of $300 million during a recessionary period. BG&E would still have major capital needs to address. This would mean a near-doubling of construction activity in the industrial sector, which I regard as a win-win-win situation.

Second, the clean-air benefits of the Cogen proposal are enormous. In that Harford County has air pollution levels approaching those of Los Angeles, it is hard to overestimate these benefits.

Thank you for quoting me sufficiently to give your readers a fair idea of mypositions.


From: Gunther Bienes

Havre de Grace

To: Comcast Cablevision


Although many of us feel that Comcast Cablevision subscription

rates are exorbitantly high, my first reaction upon hearing that you offered senior citizen discounts were rather positive.

I thought that Comcast had finally joined the numerous businesses in Harford County who offered a financial break to the elderly. I stopped at your office this morning to inquire about further details.

However, any hopes for any reduction in my rates were --ed instantly as I read paragraph 2c of your instructions: "Annual income must be $17,000 or less." You did not advertise that, did you? Well, that was that!

I could easily have acceptedthat stipulation. What appalled me, however, were the numerous documents you demand from those who earn less than $17,000:

* Sources of income, wages, salary, tips, bonuses, commissions, fees, interest income/dividends, capital gains, rental profits, business profits, gifts received, etc. -- just to name a few.

Furthermore, you insist that "proof of age will accepted as verified with a driver's license, MVA identification card, or birth certificate. A senior citizen card will not be accepted as proof of age." Now, really, Comcast, why not require sworn affidavits and witnesses as well?

Frankly, your senior citizen discount offer strikes me as disingenuous -- and I am using a euphemism!

How can you submit the paupers of this county to such indignation? Why don't you insist on a notarized copy of the applicant's last income tax declaration as well? Who of those who earn less than $17,000 has any capital gains, rental or business profits in the first place? The brain who thought up these requirements (of whichI only listed a few) must have been a former IRS employee, I wager.

I do no longer want your business. Cancel my subscription at once.I do not want to become a television junkie anyhow.

Hallelujah, Ishall be free again.


From: Kathy Wadkins


It has now been five months since three volunteers were unjustly banned for three years by the Edgewood Recreation Council. I can't believe that these woman, who were a very positive influence onmy daughter, still have not had a fair hearing. Members of the ERC board of directors who voted to ban these women have never witnessed any of the things that they accuse the women of doing.

Many of our community feel that the bans were personal and comments made by some board members at the last ERC monthly meeting I attended seem to support that theory. I attended every practice and game and, like the other parents of the squad, never witnessed Cindy Minacapelli, Cathy Potter or Vickie Tolson acting in any inappropriate manner.

The cheerleading board even tried to keep our daughters from going to competition unless the parents forced the coaches to quit. We insisted that our children would not be used as pawns and the parents asked the coaches to not resign.

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