1989 Trooper Of The Year Fined For Poisoning Neighbors' Dogs

March 22, 1992|By Staff report

The 1989 state Trooper of the Year has been ordered to pay more than$300 to the owners of three dogs killed by poison he put in the yardof his Darlington home.

Jerry M. Scarborough was charged with malicious destruction and two counts of cruelty to animals for leaving meat laced with antifreeze outside his home in the 3700 block of Dublin Road.

The poisoned meat was eaten in May 1991 by three dogs owned by two of Scarborough's neighbors.

Scarborough was given probation before judgment March 11 in Harford District Court, meaning that he will not be penalized further, so long as he completes the terms of the probation.

He was given a six-month supervised probation and orderedto pay a $100 fine by Anne Arundel District Judge James W. Dryden. Harford's district judges had removed themselves from the case.

Thejudge ordered Scarborough to pay Twyla Quick $78 for veterinary feesshe paid after her dog, Puddles, became sick and died, court recordssay. Scarborough must pay Stephen and Deborah Bova $243 to cover veterinary and cremation fees for their dogs, Renegade and Summer.

Scarborough, 37, could have been sentenced to up to 60 days in jail andfined $700.

He is appealing his dismissal by the Maryland State Police in Harford Circuit Court. The trooper was fired last April because he refused to answer questions from an internal affairs officer about a dispute with a third neighbor.

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