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March 22, 1992


Editor: It's a dreary Sunday afternoon in Ocean City, but Rafael Alvarez lifted my spirits with his insightful piece "Cannery Rows" [Feb. 16]. I, too, had a grandmother who lived on Dillon Street, and although she ran her own business, Gonter's Tavern, most of her female friends labored in packinghouses.

The Canton area of East Baltimore is rich in folklore and Americana. Could Rafael please do a follow-up story on the corner bakeries and confectionaries that evoke sweet memories for so many of us? And how about the Grand Theater and those wonderful Saturday-afternoon matinees?

Linda Gonter Gordon

Ocean City

Editor: Certainly enjoyed reading the Sun Magazine today. The write-up on "Cannery Rows" was very interesting. It brought back many memories; I grew up during the Depression-era. The Way Back When photos are nice, too.

Please keep printing articles like these in the Sun Magazine every week.

E. J. Keyser



Editor: I am so happy to see Mike Klingaman's column in the magazine section. I have been an avid follower of "The Real Dirt" for years and love every one I read.

So many of Mike's experiences are exactly like mine. He sounds like someone who loves his garden and everything that goes on in and around it. Let's have more of Mike.

Betty Buck

Ellicott City

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