To Our Readers

March 21, 1992

Because we value readers' expressions of opinion on public issues, The Sun is expanding the space available for letters. This page will be devoted each Saturday to a selection of letters, some of them longer than usual and others expressing a variety of views on the same subject. Their form and approach may be more flexiblile than is possible the rest of the week. Our aim will be to provide as wide a range of reader opinion as possible. We will continue to publish letters as usual on the editorial page on other days.

We publish only original mail, not copies of letters to others. Letters should be signed and we need a printed name, address and daytime telephone number for verification purposes. Since The Sun receives about five times as many letters as we can publish, we cannot contact each writer about the diposition of his or her letter. It is our aim, though, to give priority to letters from wirters whose work has not appeared recently. Where necessary, we will condense and edit letters.

Correspondence should be sent to: Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 1377, Baltimore, Md. 21278-0001.

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